Founders' Gift

Home;  a haven for nurturing;  a place for engagement; a space for learning and discovery.  

For almost two decades TSIBA has provided such a space to create better humans, better communities and a better planet.   

Providing access to purpose-lived, high-quality business education was inspired by the dreams of TSIBA Founders, current Chairperson Gia Whitehead, previous Chief Executive Officers Leigh Meinert and Adri Marais and (the late) Graham Lashbrooke. In a moment of determination, the dream to build a better world materialized into TSIBA. Two decades of dedication to this endeavour has seen TSIBA profoundly impact the lives of thousands of young people. 

Since its inception in 2004, often from seemingly impossible circumstances, TSIBA students have emerged as active economic, caring, conscious and purpose-driven graduates and citizens, and some as Mandela-Rhodes, Kofi Anan and  Allan Gray Orbis Foundation scholars. These are the profound transitions that continue to be realised through the spaces of engagement, learning, and discovery provided by the various TSIBA campuses. Such outputs reveal the promise of the transformative impact of education as a catalyst to unlock the best of what humans can be, a promise that TSIBA to this day upholds.

From a modest blanket factory as its home in Cape Town’s Mowbray district with less than 10 students on campus in 2004 to a Pinelands campus with 400 students for eight years, and then in 2020 to our current Woodstock campus, now with over 700 students in 2022, the exponential growth in student numbers over 18 years reveal an increased aspiration for TSIBA education programmes as well as its social impact. 

These facilities were however never owned by TSIBA. Consequently, besides the lease cost liabilities that some of these campuses brought,  our campus spaces have never quite felt like ‘Home’. Nor have these spaces fully aligned with our own aspirations for an inspirational, aspirational and sustainable social impact educational campus. 

In our dreams, ‘Home’ for TSIBA is both a physical and emotive space. It is a space through which we live our values and are able to do so sustainably. The physical space and the activities it engenders must embody another original Founders’ dream, that is, that the TSIBA Campus must be representative of what TSIBA stands for in the world and designed to be sustainable in its broadest sense. To achieve this it must be owned, nurtured and shaped by the values of TSIBA. 

TSIBA Chairperson, Gia Whitehead, has committed to this vision as a legacy project for her tenure. “When we have full ownership of our campus, the long-term sustainability for the critical work that TSIBA does in South Africa is massively enabled,” imagines Gia. “This is a TSIBA ‘game-changer’ and one which once realised provides the platform from which TSIBA can continue to work to enable economic democracy for young South Africans in perpetuity.” The immense potential of the future rests in the youth of any society, and it is from a fully owned campus that TSIBA envisages preparing thousands of future leaders who will take South Africa forward towards the rainbow nation Madiba himself dreamed of.

An Investment in Founders’ Gift 

Founders’ Gift, aims at raising sufficient financial resources for the purchase, set-up and function of the TSIBA Campus, by TSIBA  - with a specific target of ZAR 100 000 000 (One Hundred Million Rand).

Investment into Founders’ Gift will be deployed as follows:

  • Outright purchase of the campus land and property - Approximately ZAR 50 000 000;
  • Installation, migration and set up of information technology, learning infrastructure and campus readiness - Approximately ZAR 5 000 000:
  • Campus greening including solar-power and efficient water usage systems installation - Approximately ZAR 3 000 000;
  • Campus signage, painting and preparation, and green spaces development - Approximately ZAR 2 000 000. 
  • TSIBA Scholarships Perpetuity Endowment - ZAR 40 000 00

Ownership of such an asset significantly strengthens all of what TSIBA is committed to (as outlined below) and our long-term financial sustainability to do so.  From a fully owned home TSIBA commits in perpetuity to:  

  • Provide its students with a rich, relevant and rewarding business education through the academic journey, and one which prepares them fully for active economic participation and  citizenship on graduation.
  • Provide access to tertiary education where it is otherwise not available for academic or financial reasons, and a fees model where all undergraduate students study on full or partially subsidized scholarships, at 100%, 75% and 60% subsidies respectively. 
  • Provide aspirational purpose-lived academic offerings which bring together a diverse  community of students and graduates who collectively will work to take South Africa forward.  
  • The principles of inclusivity and access to quality higher education as a fundamental human right in alignment with the Global Sustainability Goals on Education.

Such are the direct returns on your investment in Founders Gift. 

Naming rights are available to significant investors. 

How can you get involved?

Contact Gia Whitehead, TSIBA Chairperson directly on 


Invest directly to the Founders’ Gift Campaign through the GIVE TO TSIBA donations portal.