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From TSIBA’s very beginning, volunteer lecturers, tutors, mentors and hosting employers created a collaborative link between TSIBA and active industry. TSIBA business qualifications have been designed to offer students exposure to current industry experts into different business fields.  Engaging and networking with our volunteers give TSIBA students a competitive edge when entering the workforce.

While lecturing and tutoring requires a time availability of one to two hours weekly, mentorship is a one year commitment to building a personal relationship with the mentee. These roles hone the TSIBA value of Paying it Forward.  Employers could host TSIBA talent for the duration of their practical projects.

TSIBA’s successful mentoring programme is over 10 years into operation now, and our definition of what mentorship is continues to evolve. In our context, mentors self-select because they demonstrate a commitment to their own continued growth while serving as role models for our students.

A TSIBA mentor is a professional in a field other than mentoring and need not have prior experience of mentorship. For the purposes of the programme, he/she mentors in a voluntary, not a professional, capacity. TSIBA mentors are not expected to facilitate the internal “psycho-social” aspects of the mentee’s growth; however, we recognise that some of our mentors have the skills to do so, and we encourage them to do so.

This relationship benefits both the students and the mentor!

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Host/Hire our talent

Skills development and practical work experience are essential elements in the curricula of the courses designed and delivered by TSIBA Business School and TSIBA Ignition Academy.  This is why we have placed great emphasis on experiential training and Industry Practical Projects (IPJ) that students and learners are required to complete before successfully completing their qualification.

You can enhance the experience of TSIBA students by hosting internships and learnerships or hiring our talent.

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