Global learning opportunities for Business and Leadership

TSIBA Global is an exceptional semester-long international exchange programme aimed at students in business studies. International exchange students join TSIBA’s South African students for six months in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme at our campus in Cape Town, South Africa. TSIBA offers a world-class academic experience to future global business leaders and entrepreneurs, and a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich culture and the local communities of Cape Town.



What to Expect:

TSIBA offers high energy and supportive learning environment in the beautiful Cape Town. Students can choose to tailor their study tracks at TSIBA to either Finance or Marketing, and both these tracks fit into TSIBA’s broader commitment to developing Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

TSIBA offers a range of extracurricular activities, clubs and collaborative learning opportunities. TSIBA Global is further rounded out by exploring South African and international cultural offerings in-depth. Classes and learning materials are in English.

TSIBA International Community:


Sabina Balmer

Founder and President of B360 education partnerships

I first visited TSIBA in February 2015. It immediately struck me that TSIBA and B360 share many core values. Of course, B360 as an organisation is tiny in comparison to TSIBA, but many pillars that the organisations are built on, are very similar:

the strong will to make a difference in young peoples’ lives and to contribute to social and economic progress in Southern Africa, the conviction that entrepreneurship is key in every country, the social engagement of companies, the emphasis on soft skills, a strong volunteering and people-based culture.

I will never forget one situation at TSIBA. Two TSIBA staff members and I were interviewing students for B360 internships in Switzerland. In the middle of an interview, we realised that the student had lost his mother to cancer the day before and was struggling through the interview to make his mother proud. I was deeply impressed by the determination and strength of the student, but also by how compassionately and professionally the staff members managed the situation and immediately got support for him.