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TSiBA is a Beneficiary of the Knysna Literary Festival

22 Feb 2013

The fourth annual Knysna Literary Festival takes place between the 19 - 24th February 2013. Established in 2010 by Ling Dobson, Franchisee and Principal Agent of Pam Golding Knysna; the Festival was created as a means for Dobson to give back to her beloved community.

The Knysna Literary Festival aims to not only be a means to stimulate the children of Knysna and encourage them to embrace literacy, but to expose locals and visitors alike to the many South African authors taking part in this year’s event.

“Knysna’s tapestry of beauty, culture and history is rich and colourful, and much loved and sought after by both South African’s as well as the international fraternity” states Dobson, “I feel that it is important to give back to the community and believe that the Knysna Literary Festival is the perfect way to do this, as well as the perfect platform to expose people to some of South Africa’s literary talent. This year’s benefactors include e’Pap Children’s Feed Project as well as TSiBA Eden Campus Library”.

Dobson and the festival organisers are excited about the inclusion of Deon Meyer, Rob Caskie, Riaan Manser, Sarah Graham, McIntosh Polela in this year’s line-up and the festival promises to not only to expose the incredible heritage of history and culture that has meshed together to make Knysna so unique, but to also challenge people’s senses and literary perceptions as well.


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