TSiBA Education Newsletter December 2015 
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Dear Friend of TSiBA

What a beautiful, frantic, busy and successful year we have had. As our sustainability team invested time in deepening relationships, academic design and delivery's local/international collaboration resulted in the adoption of 
as our upgraded new student data platform.  Quality Assurance and overall teamwork enabled us to produce year-end reports in minimum time and with maximum accuracy.

A record 46 students were sent on their final year practical work internships and we are thrilled to report that many have already been placed at the companies that took them in. This means that the upcoming Cape Town graduation on Saturday 27 August 2016 will be our 8th, and largest, ever.  This could not be possible without the fine-grained support we offer through the seamless integration of student support, academic scaffolding and mentorship. And the support of all of you.

On the home-front, TSiBA staff continued to dialogue about our own understanding of what transformation means in the context of our world, and soon the world seemingly mirrored this with the #feesmustfall protests. TSiBA remains in full solidarity with the drive to make education accessible and affordable to all - over 12 years we have proved that our talented youth simply needs the opportunity to shine. Just like 2014 BBA Graduate, Andile Dyonase, who graduated cum laude in September with a Masters in International Finance from BSL in Lausanne. He is now working at Ernst&Young in Geneva and thriving!

These successes come about from the support we give our students – from psycho-social to academic support and, in the last two years, also residential support to our BBA students who join us from our Eden campus. To this end, we have just had our second apartment donated for them to continue their academic journey – read more about that in the body of the newsletter.

We would like to thank all our supporters for continuing to drive social change with us.

Yours in Igniting Opportunity together in 2016,
Adri Marais

Lerato Bontsi
2015 BBA1 Student CT

2016 Student SRC

Lerato Bontsi, 19 years, is proof  access to tertiary education is changing lives. Lerato, who grew up in George, now lives in Bishop Lavis in Cape Town and has attended both TSiBA campuses. Despite her parents’ lack of education, Lerato always imagined herself educated and was determined to break this trend in her family’s future. 
"Never forget the Purpose"

After school Lerato was accepted to various universities, but unable to register due to lack of finances. When she was awarded a TSiBA scholarship she jumped at the opportunity, leaving behind many of her school friends who are now working, have kids, or just sitting at home. 

When Lerato speaks about her peers she acknowledges “I know my level of education makes me different from others who haven’t been exposed to all the different knowledge, practical skills, leadership and self-development that I have learned at TSiBA.”

With regard to the recent higher education crisis and #feesmustfall protests Lerato says “I support this movement because already a lot of people are unable to pay fees and are sitting at home unable to study. The proposed increase in fees is confusing as, on the one hand, the government is saying they want to reform the economy and make things better. However, at the same time, students having to pay more further limits opportunities for those who have potential. So how will South Africa  be able to achieve change? 

“I believe in education. If this dies then we will be facing more unemployment. I watch the news and know that in the future one of the proposed solutions is that students say there must be no fees at all and I don’t agree with this because money has to ultimately come from somewhere. Perhaps a partnership with the private sector and government could be mutually beneficial by focusing on study programmes more relevant to industry needs? Also if fees are eliminated the value of education may decrease in the way that students approach education. If you don’t struggle with something you don’t always value it as much.

Read Lerato's full story here

Annual Appreciation Event

Thanks to all who attended this event to celebrate the TSiBA volunteer community and meet students who are a living example of the massive impact made by our volunteers.
The Power of Volunteerism
Volunteers are a vital part of TSiBA's vision to Ignite Opportunity contributing a wealth of professional industry experience, personal journeys and knowledge. They are a unique support and developmental element of TSiBA’s educational model of the Profile of Graduateness.

TSiBA provides orientation, training and on-going support for volunteers who also gain an opportunity for self-development. These role-models are enriched to become exemplars of the values and behaviour that inspire others in the community. It is also a component of TSiBA’s delivery of high-quality academic education and a part of making a measurable impact on nation building and social change. This also echoes the TSiBA philosophy of Paying it Forward.

In 2014,  200+ individuals from diverse fields contributed as volunteers – this can be translated into a monetary value of more than a R1.2 million in expertise that would otherwise have to be paid for – a challenge for any non-profit organisation.

See the Facebook event alb
um here


We are currently recruiting volunteers for 2016!
If you are interested to find out ways you can get involved please email Sandi at info@tsiba.org.za - or join the monthly coffee mornings at TSiBA CT, or a quarterly breakfast at TSiBA Eden. Read about the Power of Volunteerism here

Do you want to join TSiBA's first charity team in the Two Oceans Half-Marathon?

Calling all runners and walkers. TSiBA has been listed as a Charity Entry for the Two Oceans Half Marathon and we extend an invitation for you to run/walk for TSiBA in 2016.

Your participation fee will go directly to supporting TSiBA scholarships for students in 2016. We still have a few charity entries available. For all the information please contact Graham on info@tsiba.org.za 

A Fond Farewell
(... but not goodbye!)
 Bev, Gia & Leigh

Please join us in thanking much-loved TSiBA staff: co-founders Leigh Meinert & Gia Whitehead and also Beverley Basson for almost four decades of service between them dedicated to achieving TSiBA's vision and mission. They leave a legacy with a strong foundation to enable TSiBA to continue driving social change for many, many more decades.

Gia and Leigh remain sitting on the TSiBA Board as Non-Executive members.  Beverley, we wish you much love and success in your new life adventures.

A New TSiBA Student Home!
To help more dreams come true...

TSiBA is now the proud owner of two apartments! Two years ago we received a generous donation for the specific purpose of providing residency for a select group of TSiBA Eden students to come to Cape Town to do their bachelors degree.  This is now the 2nd year ten of our students have been living in this lovely Langa property.

This month we concluded the purchase of another apartment from another donation specified for a home for Eden students and in January 2016 six students will move into their new Maitland home. 

We really need your help to furnish this new student residence. We are looking for:
  • 6 single beds & linen
  • fridge, microwave & kitchenware
  • lounge furniture and study desks
If you have anything extra, or know of anyone who may, please contact Lindelwa on info@tsiba.org.za or call 021 532 2750/  078 870 3837
Photo of the 2016 CT SRC:  Mtheto Koyana (President), Nkululeko Nocanda (Vice President), Lerato Bontsi (Secretary), Rafeeq Goliath (Academics), Mphumzi Duna (Finance), Yolanda/ Nadia van der Byl (Events), Zayd Batchelor (Marketing), Darryn Wakens (Sports)

Meet CT Student Merit List
Semester 1

Hard work and perseverance are to be celebrated and we do this after each semester to honour students who have achieved academically. Not only are they appreciated, but they inspire us all. At our October Awards Ceremony the 2016 CT SRC was announced and we would like to thank the wonderful 2015 SRC for their dedication and commitment to serving TSiBA and their peers.
  • See all the photos  here
  • HCBA & BBA Merit Awards here
  • See the subject award winners here

Ntombethemba Nkosi
BBA2 Student
Poem written for POLL
(Portfolio of Leadership & Learning)

"What Defines Me?" 

Even before she was born, she possessed ENDURANCE.
Survival was her only chance at life.

She came to life and was able to DISCERN from good and evil.
She never confuses the two.

She has learned the importance of CONTENTMENT. She now understands that her life needs not to be perfect.

See, sometimes COMPLEXITY gets the best of her. But be sure of one thing, it can never get to her.

That’s because she knows showing APPRECIATION is as good as showing her beautiful smile every day.

She is a woman whose HOPE shines through her eyes each day… Besides, the name HOPE resides in her name NTOMBETHEMBA. 


2015 Call Centre #TSiBATalk

Our annual student-run festive season Call Centre will again be operating over the December/January holidays. This project was initiated two years ago and proved to be a wonderful opportunity to reach out and connect with all of you as well as the broader community.

Students report back that our TSiBA friends really enjoy hearing from them and, in turn, the students love learning more about the amazing people who support TSiBA in so many different ways.
Have you chatted to a TSiBA student recently?
So... if you get a call from a TSiBA student we encourage you to take the time to chat if you can. You’ll be glad you did - and it really helps build their confidence and experience too!

Our Festive Season Wishlist 
Donations-in-Kind for Student Needs

The festive season is time to sit back and reflect on what we want and what our New Year's resolutions will be. But also about things we are grateful for and the blessings we can bestow on others.
Gifts are not always money - they can be a smile, your time, a helping hand, donation of things you no longer need or spare change. We could really use your help wherever possible! 

As a not for profit & public benefit organisation every little bit counts including vital donations-in-kind, funds or volunteering.
Are you planning a New Year spring-clean?
If you have anything you no longer have a use for that is on our wishlist we would love to hear from you! We posted a list of items here that will massively increase our ability to keep on Igniting Opportunity.
Photo: Prem Rawat with TSiBA student MC's Mthetho Koyana & Vuyokazi Bokolo

Social Change Lecture:

Prem Rawat

We were honoured to have hosted world-renowned humanitarian & Peace Ambassador, Prem Rawat, to address guests and our students - many of whom are now Peace Ambassadors themselves after completing Prem's Peace Education Programme (PEP) as part of the BBA1 Leadership and Self Development classes.
Monwabisi Mtshamba, TSiBA student, shares his thoughts
Monwabisi Mtshamba, a 2016 BBA2 student, reflected how “Prem Rawat made me think of my involvement in  everything as he says that peace starts with ‘you’. We, as individuals, have a part to play in peace as what is inside us manifests to the outside too.

"Tools I have learned have helped me be more content and appreciative of other people. In dealing with conflict and crisis we often forget to appreciate the small things we do have. For example the current education crisis in South Africa - we must see that we had this awesome opportunity to actually write exams when many of our peers at other universities did not.”

Read more about what our students had to say here
Photo: Event organiser Japie Swanepoel & family

TSiBA Trail Run Series
Crosses the 2015 Finish Line!

This year 7 TSiBA Trail Runs (or walks!) were held at W. Cape wine farms with proceeds going to TSiBA scholarships. Organiser and committed TSiBA friend Japie Swanepoel, from Interactive Concepts, says that "we are very happy to partner with TSiBA in raising funds for a very worthy cause and also very excited to have had TSiBA students assisting us at the events."

We asked runners what they liked most & here some comments on the Facebook page:
  • The happy vibe, beautiful race routes and the awesome lucky draw prizes.
  • Well organised events at beautiful venues with beautiful people.  Not forgetting breakfast, roosterkoek & Dragon beer.
  • Definitely the fun vibe! Japie and his team are the best!
With these comments in mind, we will "up" our game in 2016 and plan even more events (10 in total), stunning routes and even more lucky draw prizes & medals. Keep an eye out on  the dedicated TSiBA Trail Run website.

TSiBA Eden's
Pioneering Mentorship Programme 

TSiBA’s mentorship programme with the Knysna Municipality's Finance Interns culminated in a year-end presentation of their career plans to important stakeholders in various departments to gain their support and advice in planning their next career steps after their National Treasury Finance Internship ends in April 2017. These future leaders are all aiming for careers in government and have spent significant time conceptualising projects that can add value to the municipality.

TSiBA students are looking forward to engaging with them as well as the Mayor of the Knysna Municipality at the Youth Summit in December 2015.
Photo: Paul Monn with Pearl Pugin (TSiBA Dean) and Reidwaan Jawoodeen (Management & Postgrad. Anchor)

B360 Sends Swiss Expert to
Lecture PG Dip SEC

TSiBA has great support in South Africa, but this support stretches continents too. We have fundraising bodies in Switzerland, UK & USA as well as vital partnerships with prestigious academic institutions & foundations around the world.

Recently Paul Monn, Head Opportunity Net, Team of Experts, Credit Suisse Zurich, was our international guest lecturer on our Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enteprise Consulting (PG Dip SEC) programme. 
Thank you to the wonderful B360 organisation in Switzerland for this amazing international programme which sends professionals, with lecturing and training experience at international level, around the world to share their business-based knowledge and expertise at partner universities in Southern Africa.

"As I always say: The only way to change the world is education. I applied and fortunately got selected by Credit Suisse, B360 and TSiBA staff. My goal definitely was to share my knowledge and experience but also to learn as much as possible from the South African culture.... On TSiBA campus I realized soon that there are many different people of different colors and languages. There is a strong and friendly relationship amongst the board, staff and students at TSiBA. It is an impressive place to be." Read Paul Monn's full report on his experience here.

Thanks also to Credit Suisse for their generous & ongoing Corporate Social Investment partnership. 
Left to right: Graham Moore (TSiBA Sustainability) & Alan Winde, Provincial Minister of Economic Opportunities W. Cape Govt

TSiBA Career Centre Scoops 2015 PERA Award

We are humbled to have been awarded our 10th social change award. The TSiBA Career Centre won 3rd place in the "Best Social Enterprise Category" in the Western Cape Premier's Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (PERA). Congratulation to all who help us make a difference.

Diary of Upcoming Events

TSiBA Eden
  • Quarterly Volunteer Meeting: 20th January 2016, TSiBA Eden, Karatara

TSiBA Cape Town Campus
  • Scholarship & Awards Ceremony: 17th Feb 2016 
  • Volunteer Coffee Mornings: Ignition Centre, Pinelands
    • 25 February 25 @ 09h00
    • 31 March 2015 @ 09h00


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