TSiBA July 2014 Newsletter
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July 2014

The Power of TSiBA 
As we approach the half year mark of our 10th year of Igniting Opportunity, the whole staff complement across both campuses took two full days out of the office to develop our strategy for next year. The next quarter at TSiBA will see us crafting a strong operational plan to implement our strategy.  Our theme guiding us in to our 11th year will be Profit with a Purpose through People.  We remain committed to our purpose, we remain committed to do this sustainably and we remain humbled that none of this would be possible without the people working daily to continue to Ignite Opportunity and social change. 
I would like to dedicate this newsletter to our staff members across both campuses. Today, 10 years later, we have over 40 full time staff members and many part time and contract staff complementing the effort.  Thank you for your focus, your dedication and your commitment.  It is through you that we can demonstrate the
Power of 10share your appreciation of this with me as we trend on #PowerOf10
Yours to Igniting Opportunity for another 10 years,

Adri Marais
Meet student
Siyasamke Kilani

Photo: Siyasamke Kilani, 19years, 2014 HCBA student
Siyasamke Kilani is determined not just to complete his studies, but to conquer them and every obstacle that may cross his path. Siya applied for a scholarship at TSiBA because he wants to acquire skills in the business world. Siya sees
 himself as a successful young South African entrepreneur who hopes to  transform the lives and dreams of young and old South African Citizens.
Siya says “I am a young African man who loves his culture and respect those around me. I grew up in one of the oldest and biggest areas in Cape Town, Langa Township. Many know it to be this place of terror, but to me it was a home".
TSiBA has inserted new values and priorities in my heart that will build and shape my present for the future. TSiBA values lives, more than just numbers, and this has also made me to be more considerate of others. I am now developing new dreams and thoughts for my future which I didn’t know were possible.”
TSiBA is now 10 years old and  I believe in the Power of 10 and that Paying it Forward is a strategy that should be implemented by every South African; we are a country of humanity - “Ubuntu”. A wise men once said, a giving hand is more blessed than a receiving hand. This is why I run a spiritual cell group in Langa, I'm also a mentor and coach Grade 11 learners."
International News
Photo left to right: Andile Dyonase, Adri Marais & Khanisya Mtombeni
TSiBA's efforts at establishing an international footprint is bearing fruit.  In May we attended several high profile functions overseas strengthening our relationships in Switzerland, Germany and the UK

Thanks to ongoing support from our friends in Switzerland, we now have a registered
Verein which will provide additional support for TSiBA to continue to realise the vision of “Igniting Opportunity.” The Verein complements our endeavours in the UK where we have successfully registered a Trust last year.
TSiBA’s partnership with the
European School in Management and Technology (ESMT) led to 3 of their MBA's being selected as Responsible Leader Fellows to complete a 6 month pro-bono internship at TSiBA, Cape Town.  In return, TSiBA graduate and our first Mandela Rhodes Scholar, Khanyisa Mtombeni, was awarded a full Kofi Annan Fellowship to study towards his MBA in Berlin.  Khanyisa is our second scholar after Andile Dyonase who paved the way last year by being offered the same scholarship to study towards his Masters in Finance. Our best wishes accompany Khanyisa and Andile!
TSiBA Eden Graduation
 Photo: TSiBA Eden staff with 2014 CPBA graduates
Youth Day celebrations came early for students at TSiBA Eden’s Graduation Ceremony on Friday, 13 June 2014.  Many of these youth were the first in their families to graduate with a post-matric qualification made possible through TSiBA's full scholarships. TSiBA students are not required to pay back their education monetarily, but to Pay it Forward by transferring knowledge, skills and resources back into their communities.

Sandy Ueckermann,
TSiBA Eden Director said, “The impact graduates of this unique rural business school will have on the growth of the South African economy is significant especially in the context of the drain on the country of having unemployed and unemployable youth on the street. Not only is there the lost opportunity cost of productivity, but the harsh social impact of unemployment such as increased rates of depression, illness, crime, drugs, domestic violence and reliance on social grants. This is why we are celebrating this very momentous occasion today. Thank you to all our supporters who share our vision to graduate entrepreneurial leaders to take South Africa into the future”.
Applications for 2015 are now open until 1 December 2014.  For more information, please contact Genevieve on (044) 356 27 89 extension 19, or email genevieve@tsiba.org.za.

Stanford Interns

Photo: Lilly Sierra with Oscar Wong
TSiBA's most recent interns from Stanford, USA, spent three months working and studying in Cape Town. Lily spent her time in the Marketing Department and Oscar in the Ignition Centre.

TSiBA has various long-standing relationships with other universities to promote collaborative learning, keep in touch with global trends and share expertise.

here to watch the movie they made about their time at TSiBA.

 PG Dip SEC Class

Photo left to right: PG Dip Class of 2014/2015 Chester Alexander (Skylar Holdings), Gerschwin Williams (City of Cape Town), Sharifa Fredericks (TSiBA Finance Asst.), Tracy Pillay (National Association of Child and Youth Care Workers), Wande Madikane (Allan Gray Orbis Foundation) & Bethwill Cloete (TSiBA Recruitment Officer)

TSiBA’s second class of Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting (PG Dip Sec) students have got down to business. The PG Dip SEC is designed to develop coaches and mentors working closely with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Entrepreneurs need sustained expert mentorship to effectively support and guide the growth of micro enterprises into small and medium-sized business.  In line with TSiBA’s commitment to life-long learning, two of TSiBA's staff have joined the programme.

TSiBA noticed a gap in the market for an accredited, modular academic course with a strong experiential learning component. This is TSiBA’s first “paid-for” course with all course fees ploughed back into student scholarships. 

For more information Reidwaan Jawoodeen on   021 532 2750, or

TSiBA Future Stars

Congratulations to TSiBA BBA students, Courtney Lee Peterson (left) & Cindy van Wyk (right), who placed in the Top 10 Finalists in the national Future Stars Competition by sharing their dreams and being inspirational role models to the youth. 
TSiBA Alumni
Rayne Moses

Photo: Rayne Moses, Bachelor in Business Administration Graduate 2013
I was drawn to study at TSiBA through my eagerness to learn how to set up and run a business, in particular, my dream skate park. Since then TSiBA has impacted all areas of my life. I have learnt more than just the theoretical and practical aspects of business, but also how to be a leader.  I have built friendships with people I refer to as my brothers and sisters. And last, but not least, TSiBA gave me the opportunity to start my dream business by offering financial support, as well as mentorship, through the Graduate Accelerator Programme (GAP). I continue to Pay it Forward by lecturing and tutoring in Entrepreneurship and Leadership at TSiBA.

I run a social enterprise called
Nebula which uses skateboarding as a tool to unlock the potential of young people through skateboarding. There are three parts to Nebula. Firstly, the NPO, Nebula Youth, a programme that runs in the Gugulethu township and focuses on things like the history of skateboarding, personal and career development, leadership and emotional intelligence. Secondly, Nebula’s “Game of Sk8”, an annual fundraising skate competition, and lastly, Nebula Apparel which is the clothing brand.

TSiBA being around for 10 years, and still going, is an inspiration to me! I am living the reality of trying to build my enterprise and starting to understand the commitment, dedication and passion that the founding members had for TSiBA. I can only be excited for the future of TSiBA and I have every intention of continuing and sharing the journey.  I can’t wait till TSiBA turns 25, then 50, then 100! 
TFG Partners with TSiBA

Photo left to right: Marilyn Meyer, TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre Coordinator, and Cindy Krawe, TSiBA Careers Centre Coordinator
The Foschini Group (TFG) has partnered with TSiBA to support the work we do to link youth to employment opportunities. The topic of youth graduate unemployment has been receiving much attention nationally.

TSiBA’s degree and certificate graduates have achieved excellent placement rates into employment and we believe this is due to the Career Management work we do as part of the curriculum, the exposure to the world of work that our students receive during internships and the support and guidance offered by our Careers Centre.

But our effort to ignite access to employment goes beyond our full time students and
TFG’s support will enable TSiBA Cape Town and TSiBA Eden this year to reach out to 160 unemployed youth and offer them training in careers and computer skills. This training will enable the beneficiaries to do effective job searches, prepare CVs and present themselves well in interviews.

Entrepreneurship & Ignition Centre 

Photo: Left to right: Abraham Oliver, Ignition Centre Manager with  Bernie Berkowitz (ABSA) signing an SLA agreement with ABSA through which the TSiBA Ignition Centre become one of ABSA's preferred training Enterprise Development Partners.

TSiBA’s Ignition Centre offers training, career management as well as business mentorship and incubation support for grassroots businesses. Last year TSiBA’s Ignition Centres contributed to local Enterprise Development with:

*  610 mentorship hours to small business owners, who thereafter created 13 jobs
*  3 816 entrepreneurial training hours
* 25% of attendees to training opportunities secured a better job
If you would like to learn more about mentorship opportunities, please contact the Ignition Centre Manager Abraham Oliver


 Photo: Dorothea Hendricks, MC Mgobozi (TSiBA Entrepreneur: Langa Township Tours) & Adri Marais preparing for  their trip to SEDA
Due to TSiBA’s expertise in the field of entrepreneurship TSiBA and Adri Marais, TSiBA CEO, was asked by SEDA - the Small Enterprise Development Agency - to do training in Pretoria for a pilot-programme developing Incubator Managers in the country. This government sponsored model facilitates the  up-skilling and support of new entrepreneurs. The government’s vision is that Incubators will change the landscape of unemployment in South Africa where not everyone may find employment, but people have to be upskilled and supported to become sustainable in their own business be it large manufacturing concerns or small local Spaza shops.  
TSiBA’s Dorothea Hendricks, Student Support/Special Projects, was invited to provide input in a gender-based workshop for healthcare workers with We Can and
Sonke Gender Justice. TSiBA is committed to gender reconciliation as part of student support and our ethos of leadership and innovation. In addition Dorothea was honoured to chair an international conference on Student Wellness by MGIP. Dorothea and Kitty Lamprecht, both of TSiBA, also ran a 2-Saturday Basic Counselling Course for people from corporates, community leaders and interested individuals. 
Wish List
TSiBA thrives on a community of people who volunteer time, expertise and financial and non-financial resources. As an institution reliant on our community we have posted a ‘wish list’ of items that will significantly enable our ability to Ignite Opportunity.

To view of the in-kind support requirements that would make a big impact please click

TSiBA is looking for members of the community with business experience who are interested in volunteering their time by either lecturing, mentoring, tutoring or invigilating during exam time.

Please contact Graham Moore at info@tsiba.org.za if you can assist TSiBA in any way.

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