TSiBA Newsletter September 2016
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Dear TSiBA Friend

On Saturday 27 August 2016 our final year students arrived dressed to the nines at TSiBA's 8th graduation ceremony. As has been done throughout the years, they had to "endure" being called "graduandi" (graduates-in-waiting). When TSiBA Dean Pearl Pugin requested them to "maintain the rights and privileges of TSiBA Education and to endeavour at all times to uphold its dignity" all graduandi shouted an enthusiastic “YES!” - in great contrast to last year's more serious nodding of heads. This set the tone for a joyous, raucous celebration of achievement a​s​, one by one, they ascended the stage, waited for their Intention Statements to be shared with the world, and then, finally,​ ​​for​​ the moment their qualifications were officially conferred. 

To mark this momentous occasion, they were invited to turn their tassels from right to left, upon which they were invited to join the growing community of successful TSiBA Alumni. More ululating ensued and the energy in the room exploded. TSiBA's vision of Igniting Opportunity ​was again ​realised.
It is with this joy and hope in our hearts that we returned to campus knowing that we need to conclude the second half of the Academic Year, close off our financial year in September and start planning for our next student intake in January 2017. There is not a dull moment at TSiBA and we remain grateful that none of this would be possible without the extensive support of our community. We look forward to our traditional end-of-year appreciation of our donors and volunteers​. With all of you sharing our vision​,​ we will keep doing what we do best and driving social change. This includes continuing to provide access to tertiary education which is strikingly top of mind right now for ​​all ​​South African ​as we grapple with #feesmustfall ​as one of the most profound crises our country has had to deal with since democracy.

Yours in Igniting Opportunity
Adri Marais
Photo: Luvo Vice with Colin Hall after graduating with his HCBA.

TSiBA Student
Luvo Vice

“My advice to other young people is to set small, realistic goals you are able to follow through with and achieve. It's easier to achieve just one goal - then you can easily move onto your next one.”

Luvo Vice, 19 years, a 2nd year BBA degree student at TSiBA Cape Town, was born and raised in the E.Cape in a rural town called Mqanduli.  At school Luvo dreamed about becoming an engineer and was convinced that if he could make sure he got good matric results life would become easier, but even after achieving this milestone things got a lot tougher…

Despite excelling at science and math Luvo was unable to find any financial assistance to go to study further. Fortunately a local organisation called Axiom, which works with young people with talent in the sciences, helped Luvo apply to TSiBA Eden and the rest is history!

Luvo says that "I must admit, initially I did not like the idea of changing to commerce as I didn’t see myself as a businessman. Now, when I look back, I realise that even though I did not initially choose to study business, it definitely chose me!  TSiBA it’s been the best choice and greatest move I have ever taken.”

“My first year at TSiBA was a year of self-discovery because it was the first time away from my comfort zone. However, I was able to handle the pressure by taking advantage of TSiBA’s many support systems which assist students, personally or academically, to cope and do well. As luck would have it I I was one the few top Eden students to get a TSiBA scholarship, with accommodation in a TSiBA CT funded student residence, to continue studying towards my bachelor degree at TSiBA Cape Town. 

"I was lucky to grow up with good family values. Even so, TSiBA has helped give me a deeper understanding as well as the tools to develop values like tenacity, resilience, integrity and self-discipline. I know my family misses me a lot, but they are very proud of me as it is a dream come true for me to go to university. I truly appreciate this opportunity TSiBA has given me so when I am back home I home I visit local high schools and tutor learners with math and science as I want to pay it forward and make a difference." 

Read more about Luvo here
Photo: TSiBA CEO Adri Marais

Proud Moments

Adri Marais, TSiBA CEO, selected as a finalist in both the 2016 Top Woman “Businesswoman of the Year Award” and “2016 TOPCO National Business Awards” in the Woman’s category.

These awards honour and recognise the exceptional work of South African business leaders and an affirmation of TSiBA’s academic focus on business and leadership.

TSiBA launches first online learning course on the Education24 portal, read all about it here. TSiBA has written the course "Business Essentials for Entrpreneurs".

Four TSiBA Black Management Forum (BMF) Student Chapter Executives selected to sit on the national BMF Provincial Committee for 2017 to represent the whole province! Congrats to: Unathi Ngcwayi (Provincial Madam Chair 2017), Jessica Makanga  (Deputy Chairman 2017), Rafeeq Goliath (Provincial Treasurer 2017) & Ruth Stoffberg (Provincial Academic & Transformation Officer 2017

TSiBA Enactus Society represented TSiBA at the national conference in Johannesburg


Graduation Celebrations

During August we got to celebrate alongside our graduates who, despite coming from diverse backgrounds all around the country, are united by their determination to study despite financial and personal challenges. 

Congratulations to all graduates whose futures look bright as TSiBA has a 96% success rate of degree graduates being either employed, active entrepreneurs or studying at postgraduate level!

TSiBA Dean, Pearl Pugin, explains that is a result of the “TSiBA’s academic model balancing the curriculum with both academic content and experiential learning and being premised on a set of values which aim to produce knowledgeable, work ready, savvy graduates and leaders.  TSiBA also seeks to ensure that students are equipped not only for further study and the working world, but to develop a social conscience and the skills to build our nation.”

TSiBA Eden  
Eden’s Graduation celebration included sponsors, volunteers, mentors, staff members, donors, proud parents and representatives from the local community and Knysna municipality. Amongst the 26 CPBA Certificates and 21 HCBA students 15 of which are currently pursuing the TSiBA BBA degree in Cape Town, but made a special trip to Eden. Guest speaker was PetroSA’s Marc Middeldorp whose advice to our graduates was practical and inspirational. He encouraged our graduates to change the lives of 10 people and, by doing just that, the "TSiBA Eden Class of 2016" could ultimately impact 6 million people! 

Cape Town
The 8th Annual Graduation Ceremony at Old Mutual was the largest to date with150 graduates, 63 bachelor degree graduates. and 4 Postgrads. Colin Hall, honorary speaker & TSiBA leadership curriculum volunteer, shared beautiful stories of his experience of working with TSiBA students and expressed much admiration for what they added to his life. Colin was right there to congratulate and share in the joy and pride of each and every graduate that walked up on the stage. See pics here 

TSiBA 2016 BBA graduate, 27 year old Mlungisi Bandwini from Delft says “I feel so proud of being not only the first in my family to pass Grade 12, but the first to obtain a degree. This means so much to me and I dedicate my degree to my family as a way to thank them for supporting me throughout this journey. And to the youth in my community who also have their dreams so they can see that anything is possible!”.

Join  our 2017 TSiBA Cycle Tour Team

Cycle for Change 
Pedal for your medal on Sunday, 12 March 2017 in Cape Town’s most famous cycle race - at the same time help raise funds towards scholarships for SA’s future leaders and entrepreneurs. Be quick only 20 spaces left for TSiBA CT Cycle Tour Team 2017.
At a cost of R2 750 each charity package will include:
  • Guaranteed race entry booked by TSiBA (Value – R800)
  • Start time earlier than the Open Groups, if you don’t have your own qualifier time
  • Branded TSiBA cycle top
Contact Peter Kraan: peter.kraan@tsiba.ac.za / 021 532 2750 asap!

Extreme Running Fundraising

Leadership, Conscious Transformation, Paying it Forward and Igniting Opportunities for young South Africans are some of the things that TSiBA  and Gavin Shaskolsky are both passionate about.  In addition to having been involved with TSiBA as a volunteer mentor and individual donor for over a decade Gavin also works as a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Mediator .

And now… since Gavin likes to take things to the extreme … he will run the extremely challenging 250km Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (The KEAM) in October 2016! At the same time he will also support his passion for social change and has dedicated his run to raising awareness and funds for a TSiBA student scholarship. Read more about Gavin's adventure here
  1. Pay it Forward like he does by joining TSiBA’s thriving volunteer community who donate time and expertise doing things like: lecturing, tutoring and mentoring
  2. Join those who support TSiBA financially through donations, every cent counts!
So - when Gavin completes the full 250km KEAM Challenge (which he will!) TSiBA students will also be winners in being able to reach their own dreams by either:
  1. Receiving your valuable volunteer time and/or
  2. Financial support (Gavin  has a Back-a-Buddy page!)
For more info contact: info@tsiba.ac.zaconnect@gavinshaskolsky.co.za
Visit Gavin’s Back a Buddypage here to donate - every cent and moment donated adds up!

Northeastern University Summer Programme

TSiBA hosted the 9th Northeastern University (NU-USA) summer programme bringing together 21 SA entrepreneurs, 44 USA  students, and 76 local TSiBA students to promote cultural exchange and global entrepreneurial activity.

Students from both universities form consulting teams assigned to local entrepreneurs facing unique business challenges. Students, who have been studying entrepreneurship from an academic perspective get first-hand experience on the daily realities and “bumps in the road” that entrepreneurs face.

Local Entrepreneurs are selected from a wide range of industries like tourism, transportation, wellness, entertainment and community and youth development. This diversity ensures students get to choose to work on ventures they feel passionate about. After the programme ends the TSiBA Ignition Centre will continue supporting these entrepreneurs in growing their businesses to become sustainable. 

Thanks to Prof. Dennis Shaughnessy from NU and his team for their committed support and growing this programme into ahighlight of a TSiBA students academic career. Also for providing the R150k grant money to be used to purchase assets for eight winning entrepreneurs.


Please help spread the word as we are hiring talent to join our dynamic, expanding team. In line with our commitment to excellence and innovation, new positions have been created. TSiBA is committed to transformation and Employment Equity goals. Please click here for full information.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Corporate (CT)
  • Student Support: Student Psychologist (CT)
  • Sustainability Administrator: Income Generation (CT)
  • Rural Sustainability Manager (Eden)

TSiBA Bracelet Fundraising

In the spirit of Igniting Opportunity and Paying it Forward TSiBA now has our own Relate bead bracelet for sale. Make a big difference by using 'small change'  to get one for R55 (or 2 for R100) and look good while doing good! Please contact jenna.monk@tsiba.ac.za on how to get yours now!

Proceeds of this project is going towards providing a full scholarship for a future SA leader to TSiBA at TSiBA in 2017! In addition this project provides a lifeline for local women in the townships to gain a sense of dignity, purpose, a means to support their family and simply connect and share experiences with their community.

TSiBA Eden
Carmen de la Paz
Turners Without Borders

TSiBA Eden has been chosen as the first site to launch the Turners Without Borders (TWB) project in Africa. Initiated by Carmen de la Paz - Chairperson of TWB - the launch of the TWB project is a milestone for TSiBA Eden’s Certificate in Practical Business Administration programme as the project will provide real income opportunities for Karatara residents, under the guidance of TSiBA students who will run the workshop and support the community in marketing their products.
Professor Roy Marcus and his wife Dee Marcus are volunteers to TSiBA Eden - giving their time to develop leadership skills within our SRC and HCBA students. Roy and Dee recognised this project as an opportunity for the Eden Campus to become a key site of delivery for TWB as it located in the heart of a once thriving forestry community now desperate for practical skills training and economic opportunities.  Carmen de la Paz identified Marilyn Meyer (TSiBA Ignition Centre Administrator) as a key motivator for the project, and recruited her to work alongside her in her technical demonstrations at the Symposium, to highlight the fact that women and youth should also take up the craft.
Photo: Nadia Williams, 2016 BBA Graduate with her mother at her Graduation.

TSiBA Alumni 
Nadia Williams

"I come from a small, disadvantaged ‘coloured’ community in Cape Town where people usually lack ambition due to a lack of basic life necessities. Before I was awarded a TSiBA scholarship in 2011 I was working as a cashier and administrative assistant, which I did not see myself doing for the rest of my life, but my mother was a single parent unable to fund further studies. So getting my bachelor degree is a huge achievement to not only me, but to my family, and even their parents, who all left school early in order to provide for the next generation.

"My family has been so supportive and proud that I got this life-changing opportunity to study - especially as I am the only cousin within my age group to obtain a university degree. I am so grateful to have studied at TSiBA as they see students as more than just a student number. Just knowing that there were individuals who believed we could do it, even though at times we felt that we could not, was enough to keep us going through any challenging times.

To Pay it Forward my long-term goal is to open up a youth centre to assist and guide youth who do not have the necessary support structure to motivate them in order to achieve their goals.”

Nadia Williams, TSiBA BBA 2016 graduate, is is currently employed at Taquanta Asset Managers (Pty) Limited as a Client Administrator.
TSiBA has successfully completed our strategic migration to running communications off the Google platform, and Google Apps for Education, in particular.

The objective of this migration supports our on-going efforts to remain at the cutting edge of technology for our students and the institution as a whole. This move effectively enables technology enhanced integrated communication and collaboration across our key stakeholder group.

We have secured the ac.za domain space which is reserved only for use only by registered and accredited higher education institutions, learned societies and associated research and support institutions in South Africa. Please note our  primary website is now www.tsiba.ac.za and staff and student email addresses will now use this new domain with the following layout: 


However all previous emails and website URL's will still be working and re-directed! See you online!
Photo: Ryan Rode, 2017 PG Dip SEC Graduate with Adri Marais, TSiBA CEO

TSiBA Education Solutions

Congratulations to another four strong entrepreneurial leaders who crossed the stage at TSiBA’s graduation ceremony to receive their Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting (PGDipSEC). Also the first time ever for a RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) student, Ryan Ronald Rode, to graduate cum laude.

This is good
news being that the failure rate of small businesses in South Africa remains a source of concern socio-economically.  Even more reason for TSiBA to be so proud of this unique programme specifically designed to enable and grow managers, leaders, coaches, mentors and consultants with an interest in entrepreneurial activity to assist small business owners to grow and develop their businesses into profitable and sustainable enterprises.

We are excited to announce that, with discretionary grant funding received from the Services SETA, TSiBA is able to offer limited, full and sliding-scale scholarship options for the 2017/2018 PG Dip SEC intake. For more information please contact karien.cloete@tsiba.ac.za.

Donation-In-Kind  Wishlist Items

At TSiBA we are all about community and being a non-profit means that every bit helps, including vital gift-in-kind donations. Our wish list includes items that will massively increase our ability to keep Igniting Opportunity.
*Student Meals*Stationery*small car*Books & Textbooks* Student Student Achievement Awards and Prizes*Driving School lessons*Employment & Internship Opportunities*
Section 18A Tax Certificates may be issued in some cases in compliance with SARS provisions for all donations over R100 / annum. For more info contact Jenna on info@tsiba.ac.za. See more of our wishes here.

BCG Switzerland
Race Fundraiser

Big appreciation goes to the 22 staff Boston Consulting Group (BCG) staff who ran the BCG Greifensee Run in Zurich, Switzerland, to raise funds for TSiBA.  Your blisters, sweat and tears was worth it as you will have raised enough for five TSiBA scholarships (that is over R250k!!!!!).

TSiBA is fortunate to draw support in South Africa as well as across the world. We have fundraising bodies in Switzerland, UK & USA as well as vital partnerships with prestigious academic institutions & foundations around the world.
Photo: TSiBA CT 2016 cycling team.

Youth on the move

“Go green or go home” is the slogan for TSiBA Cape Town’s new  student Cycling club which follows on from the success of the team these students founded at TSiBA Eden in 2014.  With many TSiBA Eden students moving to Cape Town to continue with their BBA degree they wanted to replicate the Eden Cycling club and introduce cycling to the greater TSiBA community in Cape Town.
Their goal is to promote cycling within TSiBA’s student and staff community as a hobby, but also as a means of daily transport and being environmentally friendly. (TSiBA Eden has won numerous awards for being the “greenest” business school campus in the Western Cape and South Africa and the founding members would like to continue this philosophy at TSiBA Cape Town.)
The TSiBA Cycling team are also TSiBA Ambassadors who will represent us at important cycling events such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour. All eight member will cycle the Tour on March 12, 2017! Please ride with us. We have charity entries available

Cycling Team Equipment: Donation-in-Kind Wishlist
TSiBA Cycling currently owns 3 used bicycles, 2 helmets, and miscellaneous other gear and is looking to outfit all members appropriately. Thanks to Cayman for donating her bike and Armin for a generous donation which will enable us to get 3 more second-hand bikes and fund the Cycle Tour entries.

Anyone who can help us out with bikes, cycling kit and repair tools, please contact Peter Kraan at peter.kraan@tsiba.ac.za.
Founding Members: Luvo Vice, Moses Lefora, Ntsika Kuhlane, Paul Mphambani, Peter Kraan, Rizqah Nordien, Sandile Maqhoboza, Siphosethu Mejini, Vincent Ntlou. Honorary Members: Armin Hollenstein (Switzerland), Cayman Macdonald (United States).

Looking for a scholarship to study business?

TSiBA is a fully accredited business school which has already awarded over 4 000 TSiBA scholarships to SA's future leaders and entrepreneurs since being founded in 2004. Students are not required to pay back their TSiBA scholarships monetarily, but to Pay it Forward in their communities. 

Planning to study further is one of the most important choices you will ever make and TSiBA’s vision is to Ignite Opportunity for those who may lack the means to access  tertiary studies due to academic or financial reasons.

We will still be accepting late applications for scholarships until 31 October 2016 so please spread the word as TSiBA is looking for young peope with potential!  For more information contact Kwanele Magwaca on 021 532 2750/ study@tsiba.org.za

Students Toast
to Success!

The first group of TSiBA students have successfully completed the inaugural 8-week Youth Leadership Toastmasters’ Course sponsored by local organisation, Talking Heads. Students were nurtured by professional speakers to up their communication skills and their presentation ‘game’ which are both vital interview and career skills.

Zayd Batchelor, TSiBA BBA1 student, says that “my journey with Toastmasters had been a life-changing experience.Before Toastmasters I was very shy of public speaking and my nerves would take over my whole presentation. Fidgety, sweaty hands, shaky voice and shaking legs were the normal routine. But my deepest fear was the limitations of my own self-doubt. Toastmasters has given me something that I have been missing - confidence - and extinguished that burning fear inside. So much so that  I was nominated to MC the 2016 TSiBA Graduation Ceremony with over 600 guests. This has been one of my greatest accomplishments to date and I would  like to thank TSiBA for making these opportunities available to students.”

Final year BBA3 student Courtney-Lee Peterson, currently doing her work internship, explains "at Toastmasters we learned that the words ‘silent’ and ‘listen’ contain the same letters - in order to listen effectively, one needs to be silent. For us, presentations are no longer "just for marks", but  a part of  leadership development - which is what TSiBA and Toastmasters are both about! Students whom I have never heard speak are now starting to present fluently and with confidence."

Diary of upcoming events 

TSiBA Eden
7 October 2016: Quarterly Volunteer Meeting
21 October 2016: Awards Ceremony
24 October 2016: Appreciation

TSiBA Cape Town
Volunteers’ coffee morning: IC Boardroom:
5 October: Awards Ceremony
28 October: 9h00-10h00
25 November: 9h00-10h00
1 December 2016: Annual Appreciation


TSiBA Trailfun Series

Trailfun is monthly runs/ walks at various wine farms in the Western Cape. Proceeds from this event go towards a student scholarship. You can drive social change with just by walking and running!  Next event: 29TH October 2016, Urban Trail Run at Durbie Dash, click here to register.
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Directors: Prof. F Abrahams (Chairperson), A Marais (CEO), P Pugin (Dean), Belinda Van Niekerk (EOM)
L Meinert, G Whitehead, D Pillay, Y Scholtz, J Kalani, Prof. E Smit, R Hendricks 

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