TSiBA Newsflash March 2017
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At TSiBA the 2017 Academic Year began with students looking confident, relaxed and ready to tackle the academic year.  I always marvel at the exponential growth our students experience ​from their first year​ with us​ – from arriving, often hesitant and uncertain, to returning grounded, clear, focused (and an inch taller?). This is our mission and the work we do as ​we continue​ to​ #IgnitingOpportunity towards #SocialChange.
Many of our senior final year students are off campus at their pivotal work internships in preparation for graduation. We are so proud ​that ​the majority of these students are offered employment by their host internship companies and that we consistently measure graduate employment at 96%. Measured against the SA reality of ​crippling ​youth unemployment this remains spectacular. We wish our new cohort of HCBA’s, BBA’s and CPBA’s in Cape Town and TSiBA Eden a wonderful, successful year and remind our readers that if you are thinking of becoming involved​, to​ simply reach out and volunteer to lecture, tutor, mentor, coach or consult – you will not regret the experience.
​A big thank you to our Pay it Forward heroes who are part of TSiBA’s 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour team. Their combined fundraising efforts has surpassed R86 000 (over half way​ to the R150k target!) with a week to go until Sunday 12 March.​ This is more than an opportunity to raise money for student scholarships,​ but is also to ​showcase the work that we do ​to the broader community in Cape Town, South Africa and the world.

In this newsletter you can read about some of the inspiring TSiBA students & staff in the 2017 "Cycling for Change" Team. We would especially love to see their campaigns supported in acknowledgement of their efforts to Pay It Forward. While the students already have their scholarships secured, they are helping to secure scholarships for the students that will follow in their footsteps.

While it would be wonderful if you to chose a cyclist to support their Back-a-Buddy campaigns, may we ask you to also please share this information with your networks via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc in the TSiBA ethos of Paying it Forward.

Yours in Igniting Opportunity
Adri Marais
TSiBA CEO & Co-Founder

Cycling for Change!

TSiBA's participation in the 2017
Cape Town Cycle Tour is bigger than ever
with 39 riders in the  2017 TSiBA Team:

=  9  TSiBA students, 
=  7  TSiBA staff members
= 5  Lewis Stores staff.  Since 2008 Lewis has been providing bursaries & stipends for 10 top TSiBA students - also sponsoring cycling tops for all the riders.
= 8  Long-term friends of TSiBA (3 are flying in from the USA, Germany & Netherlands)
= 10  Are just super excited about education and the work that we do

Running to
Ignite Opportunity

Thank you to all who have joined the TSiBA Two Oceans Half Marathon team where all proceeds go towards TSiBA student scholarships.

For those who are not into sports, but are active TSiBA cheerleaders, we welcome you to assist TSiBA by supporting our participating runners who are fundraising via:                                    
Back-A-Buddy: 2 Oceans Half-Marathon

2017 Wishlist

1. Refrigerator: *Urgently needed!*

2. Employment & Internship Opportunities: For TSiBA graduates & students.

3. Air Miles: To support our on-going accreditation & sustainability requirements & save significant costs in support of TSiBA student scholarships.   

4. TSiBA Career Centre: Places young people into contract/ permanent employment at a small fee to help bring in funds for TSiBA scholarships.  If you have any opportunities to give a talented young person's career a real start  please contact us.  
5.Food: TSiBA Eden, our rural campus in Karatara (near Knysna), provides daily meals to 74 residential students at a cost of R570/ student/ month. Contributions towards this have significant impact on learning & throughput as a direct result of adequate nutrition. 

6. Second-hand VehicleCar, bakkie or 10-seater bus in good condition to support our students & campus maintenance.

Please contact graham.moore@tsiba.ac.za for more information, or if you are able to support in some way.

Upcoming Events  

TSiBA Eden Campus 2017
Quarterly Volunteer Meetings
Fri 26 May 2017
Fri 25 Aug 2017
Fri 24 Nov 2017
Please contact tsibaeden@tsiba.ac.za for info.

TSiBA Cape Town Campus 2017
Volunteer Coffee Mornings
Thurs 30 March: 9h00-10h00
Thurs 27 April: 9h00-10h00
urs 25 May: 9h00-10h00
Thurs 8 March: Scholarship & Awards Ceremony
Thurs 8 March: Parent/ Guardian Student Info Sessions

Sandile Maqhoboza

Support Sandile's fundraising campaign on Back-a-Buddy here!

"My name is Sandile Maqhoboza and I was born and bred in Matatiele. I grew up with the love of cycling, but unfortunately I did not have a bike. When I was eight years old I used to walk 20-30 minutes every weekend to see my cousin and everyone thought I was visiting the family, but the truth was I was only going because he had a bike! The challenge I faced growing up was having a passion for cycling, but no money to compete which you need for transport & entry. 

The money I raise will go towards TSiBA scholarship for future students to get this opportunity. If it was not for the scholarship I received from TSiBA, my dreams may never have come true."

Read Sandile's story here...

Rizqah Nordien

Support Rizqah's fundraising campaign on Back-a-Buddy here!
"I am 21 years old and my vision is to inspire other females and youth to pursue their dreams by believing that anything is possible. My goal is to someday start my own cycle business as cycling will always be a part of me because the thing I love doing nearly paralysed me from the waist down in 2011 due to a mountain bike duathlon accident injuring my lower spine. Nobody believed I would ever race again, but I proved them wrong and not only raced again, but received “Player of the Year Award” in Matric.

I am Cycling to Ignite Opportunity for the one who has hope, who displays potential and shows ambition but does not have the means or funding to gain access to ignite their dreams. This is my way of saying 'thank you' and giving back the way TSiBA has ignited my future..."

Read Rizqah's story here...
Photo: Xasumzi & Duncan 

Xasumzi Ntisana & Duncan Swarts

Support Xasumzi & Duncan's fundraising campaign  on Back-a-Buddy here!

Xasumzi's message
"E-Afrika umntwana ukhuliswa yilali yonke. ITSiBA ize nethuba lokuba nam ndivelise amathuba. Nam ndithi mandinikeze ngethuba ngelinge lokwenza umbulelo."

TranslationIn Africa, it takes a village to raise a child. TSiBA has laid the foundation for me to Ignite Opportunity. Giving back is my offering, my thank you.

Duncan's message: 
Why would anyone in their right mind decide to enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour 45 days out??? Someone with no cycling experience, gear or cycle? "Igniting Opportunity" is why. 

If me competing means that someone might get a scholarship to study, do I really need more motivation? Let us aid in the building of futures... brick by brick..."

Paul Mphambani

Support Paul's fundraising campaign on Back-a-Buddy here!

"My name is Paul Itumeleng Mphambani, 27 years, originally from Soweto Township in Johannesburg. I am the first person to finish high school in my family and the first one to enter tertiary education.

I enjoy cycling and have entered the race to raise money for students to be able to study at TSiBA in 2017."

Read Paul's story here...

Vincent Motebang Ntlou

Support Vincent's fundraising campaign on Back-a-Buddy here!

"I am originally from a small town called Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape. As a young child, I was taught that cycling is only for white people as the perception was that soccer was the only sport for 'us'. However; I see a great community of all races and genders becoming friends in the cycling community all joined by a love for the sport.

I overcame this negative cultural perception due to two key values that I hold dear: always have a positive attitude & remain self-disciplined.

Cycling is important because it keeps people healthy and the mind fresh. I want to inspire young people from my community to look at me and say “because of you, I did not give-up". Please support Team TSiBA in “Igniting Opportunity” by donating any amount of money. Thank you!"

Read Vincent's story here...


Trailfun is a monthly run/ walk at various wine farms in the Western Cape. Proceeds from this event go towards student scholarships.  

Next event: Realtors International Groot Constantia 21 March 2017. Register here
Vacancies Cape Town

Please help spread the word as we are hiring talent to join our dynamic, expanding team.
  • Student Support: Student Counselor
  • Anchor: Quantitative Subjects 
  • Library Assistant (Part-time)
TSiBA is committed to transformation and Employment Equity goals. Please click here for full information.

Siphosethu Mejini

Support Sipho's fundraising campaign on Back-a-Buddy here!
"I was born in June 1993 in the heart of a very cold Winter and raised in Khohlo, rural Eastern Cape. I am in the 2nd year of my degree and will be riding for TSiBA in the Cape Town Cycle Tour for the first time to create change for other students like me who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If it was not for the scholarship I got from TSiBA, I have no idea how my life would have turned out. Both my parents are uneducated and unemployed. Cycling taught me two important lessons: to be responsible and not to give up. 

I believe that one day I will be the change I want to see to my community and to the nation."

Read Sipho's full story here...

Moses Lefora

Support his fundraising campaign on Back-a-Buddy here!

"I was born and raised in a tiny town called Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape. When I grew up I always wanted to cycle, but that seemed like an impossible dream because where I came from there was no one that cycled!

It is so fascinating how TSIBA has changed my life. To “pay it forward” (as we say at TSiBA) I am cycling to positively impact lives, ignite more opportunities for the next generation and to motivate cyclists in our local communities. Please support us in making this possible."

Read Moses's story here...

Luvo Vice

Support Luvo's fundraising  campaign on Back-a-Buddy here!

"I am 20 years, born and raised in the Eastern Cape in a rural coastal town called Mqanduli. This year all the founding member's of our TSiBA Eden team are pursuing their degree at TSiBA Cape Town and I can’t tell you how excited we all are to be cycling and sweating it out together for 109km in the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour!

Even to this day cycling is the thing I always go to in times of stress for exercising. I also use it as vital mode of transport to get to TSiBA.

It really doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is what actions you take afterwards. I am cycling to raise money to enable more students to study at TSiBA Education."

Read Luvo's story here...

Allison Baxter

Support Allison & Charles' campaign on Back-a-Buddy here!

"This year marks 12 years that I have been living in Cape Town. For the majority of that time I have been working with TSiBA students. TSiBA students inspire me every day with their huge hearts, depth of thinking, resilience, tenacious spirits, authenticity, and sense of humour. As head of the TSiBA Leadership and Self-Development curriculum, I love being part of their journey and witnessing their determination.

So it gives me great pleasure to ride in the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour to raise money for TSiBA scholarships. which change the lives of young people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to study at university. 

I’m also cycling for TSiBA to promote an organisation that ignites opportunity for young people to further themselves while at the same time grabbing the opportunity to also further myself in the process.

Please support me by making whatever donation that you can, every bit counts. Thank you!"
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