TSiBA Education Newsletter April 2013

March 2013

2014 Applications Open!
Planning to study further is one of the most important choices you will ever make.  But not everyone has the means to pay for tertiary studies which is why it's TSiBA’s mission is to provide tuition scholarships for an excellent business education for people with a social conscience and the desire to build our nation. Here's your opportunity - the opening of 2014 applications was officially launched at the TSiBA Open Day on Saturday 16 March 2013. Click here to apply for your tuition scholarship now!

TSiBA degree students graduate with a fully accredited business degree, a 95% chance of finding a job and the skill set to successfully undertake advanced tertiary education. TSiBA Graduates are now working at big organisations like Oceana, Old Mutual, Sanlam, JP Morgan and Prudential in various roles like Investment, Finance, Human Resources, Client Service and some are entrepreneurs with their own businesses.

Bethwill Cloete, TSiBA’s Recruitment Officer and TSiBA Graduate says “On Open Day we open the doors to the public so people can visit the campus, get to meet students and experience TSiBA first-hand.  Students all say how TSiBA feels like you’re part of a community – you are more than just a student number to staff and colleagues.”

Yours in Igniting Opportunity,
The TSiBA Team

STUDENTS – Meet Nokuthula Siswana

Pictured: Nokuthula Siswana, HCBA student at TSiBA Cape Town

Nokuthula, whose name means ‘quiet’, is not shy to share her story. She was one of the best students at Cape Town High School and when her principal told her about TSiBA she was so keen she applied immediately. Nokuthula had a choice to go  to UCT and Wits universities, but she chose to come to TSiBA because she felt that TSiBA has more to offer. It was when Bethwill Cloete, TSiBA Recruitment Officer, understood she was unable to write her Academic Selection Test on a Saturday because of her religion being 7th Day Adventist, that she knew for sure that TSiBA was the place she wanted to study.
When asked about her experience of TSiBA Nokuthula said, “I do not regret being here, I love the atmosphere. Whenever I walk through the doors of TSiBA, I feel at home like I have a second family. People care and appreciate me for who I am.”   Nokuthula says what makes TSiBA different to other institutions is the attention that students get and the focus on developing the individual. She says, “by the time I leave TSiBA, I will be able to stand on my two feet and become somebody in life.” Nokuthula has always been interested in business. She wants to open her own business, lecture part-time and write books once she graduates. She is busy writing a book, but she says we will have to wait to see what it's about!
Lindelwa Hanjana, Campus Manager, speaks highly of Nokuthula’s who works her leadership hours in the staff room as a Campus Assistant. She is so passionate that she is not even recording her hours; to her this is an opportunity to show her appreciation for receiving her tuition scholarship.

Nokuthula says, “When I wake up, I tell myself that I need to be the best person I can be and perform well academically to show the sponsors that I truly appreciate what they have done for me.”

Written by: Ntombiza Lingani, Marketing Coordinator at TSiBA Cape Town

EVENTS – Scholarship Ceremony

Pictured: Vera Ngalo and Joseph Maisels, TSiBA degree students at TSiBA Cape Town
The 2013 Scholarship Ceremony took place in February to formally welcome and award new TSiBA students with their Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) scholarships. These students have earned their place at TSiBA – not only by meeting the admission criteria - but by also successfully completing the orientation process.
The event was MC’ed by Vera Ngalo and Joseph Maisels, final year Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA3) students, who were perfect examples of how TSiBA grooms exceptional, inspirational leaders and well-rounded individuals. The academic high achievers for the 2012 second semester were announced and ten students were awarded scholarships by the Lewis group Foundation to fund not only their studies, but a contribution towards subsistence costs. In addition, two students received the Alan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship for 2013.

TSiBA has already provided scholarships to nearly 1,000 talented young people, who would otherwise not be able to access higher education, and produced 5 Mandela Rhodes scholars who, along with many other TSiBA graduates, have gone on to successfully pursue post-graduate studies.

Applications for 2014 are now open. For more information please contact Bethwill Cloete on 021 532 2750 or bethwill@tsiba.org.za
Written by: Sandi Sher, Marketing Manager at TSiBA Cape Town


EDEN – Unique Post Grad Diploma for SA Entrepreneurs

Pictured: Reidwaan Jawoodeen, Post-Graduate Programme Anchor at TSiBA
Following on from the 2012 launch in Cape Town, the Post-Graduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting (PG Dip SEC) - the first-of-its-kind in South Africa - will now be offered at TSiBA’s Eden Campus in Knysna
TSiBA noticed a gap in the South African market for a formalised, academic course aimed at managers, leaders, coaches, mentors and consultants who have an interest in helping the growth and development of entrepreneurial activity in South Africa. Entrepreneurs need sustained, expert mentorship and coaching to guide their enterprise through both the incubation and growth stage. The PG Dip SEC is designed to develop consultants to become coaches and mentors who can effectively support and guide micro enterprises into small and medium-sized businesses.

TSiBA specialises in developing leaders and entrepreneurs who will take South Africa forward by igniting opportunity and social change. While TSiBA is a not-for-profit Business School the PG Dip SEC is its first “paid-for” course with all fees being ploughed back into TSiBA to cover scholarships for more students. Not only is the course providing a solution for the lack of entrepreneurial mentoring courses, but it will also boost entrepreneurial potential in South Africa by providing funding to help disadvantaged students.

For more information contact Reidwaan Jawoodeen on 021 532 2750 or reidwaan@tsiba.org.za

Written by: Sandi Sher, Marketing Manager at TSiBA Cape Town
STAFF – TSiBA Recruitment Officer

Pictured: Bethwill Cloete (in a green shirt), Recruitment Officer at TSiBA Cape Town, at the Scholarship Ceremony

Bethwill is the Recruitment Officer at TSiBA Cape Town which involves going out to schools using various forms of marketing to reach potential students who would be interested in studying at TSiBA. Bethwill also works with the academic selection team in the selection process where applicants are tested academically and assessed with recommendations and references.  

The recruitment process starts with reaching potential students who are informed about the selection process and then complete a
tuition scholarship applicationApplicants need to attend a day of testing at TSiBA where they are briefed before doing the TSiBA entrance test, which is a combination of Maths and English. (This tests student readiness to start the Higher Certificate, not degree readiness, which is the difference between NBT tests and our test).

The type of person TSiBA is looking for is one who wants to use their education to “pay it forward” to others. From an academic point of view potential students need to have an understanding of basic mathematics and be able to read and write in English. Applicants do not need any specific subject choice, but be a well-rounded individual who shows potential. 

Bethwill is a TSiBA graduate  (graduating class of 2011) and the first ever from Mountview High School in Hanover Park from which we now have four students registered! Bethwill is ecstatic that there are so many students from his school because he has always wanted to make a difference. In 2012 Bethwill chose to do just that when he left his job at JP Morgan (now CURO) in favour of helping more people get access to high quality education by joining TSiBA as a staff member. Bethwill is extremely happy being part of the TSiBA family and loves his work.
Applications officially opened on the 16 March 2013 and closes on the 30th September 2013. For more information please contact Bethwill at 021 532 2750 or emai
l bethwill@tsiba.org.za 

Written by: Ntombiza Lingani, Marketing Coordinator at TSiBA 
2013 Wish List
Items that will add immense value as gift-in-kind donations:

 ·       Refrigerator
·        Volunteer lecturers and tutors
 ·       Volunteer student & entrepreneur mentors
·         Novels for the library book-club
·         A3 coloured cards
·         Ghetto blaster & speakers
·         Dictaphones or voice recording device
·         Wireless microphones
·         100 Headphones
·         Hard-drives & webcams
·         Adobe Connect Software
·         Digital voice recorders
·         Conference venue hire, catering & transport
·         Air-miles
·         First Aid Kit
·         Contributions: student food/transport fund 
·         A 60m/2 container/Wendy house
·         Driving lessons and volunteer driver
·         Hard drives
·         Microwave
·         Volunteers to edit lecture videos/recordings 
·         Treadmill or any other exercise machine
Please contact
beverley@tsiba.org.za if you can assist, or are able to support TSiBA in any other way.


Pictured: Cindy Krawe, Community Training Courses Co-ordinator; Reidwaan Jawoodeen, Post Graduate Programme Anchor; Gordon White, TSiBA graduate and Entrepreneur; Abraham Oliver, Ignition Centre Manager; Sonja Hagins Ignition Centre Coordinator and Bethwill Cloete, Recruitment Officer

The TSiBA Ignition Centre was founded in 2007 to offer vital support to community members and aspiring entrepreneurs through training courses, mentorship programmes, networking opportunities, access to business networks, office infrastructure and business equipment. 

Abraham Oliver, Ignition Centre Manager, says, “we are expanding our entrepreneurial footprint as a suitable partner for SMME training with the industry recognition of our expertise and specialization in the industry.”  The TSiBA Ignition Centre has been approached by the renowned Stellenbosch University (USB) to partner on a project where TSiBA could generate vital income.  USB understands the significance of the Ignition Centre's contribution in the area of Small Medium and Micro-sized Enterprise (SMME) development. 

This project will roll over to 2015 with TSiBA being the training partner for the USB Small Business Academy. The Business Essentials Programme runs for a year from the 22 April 2013 with the majority of Entrepreneurs coming from Mitchells Plain and Khayelitsha hence the project name, KhayaPlain Project.
The Ignition Centre has also partnered with the City of Cape Town to start an Ignition Centre in Macassar, Cape Town, to assist with upliftment projects in the community and bring awareness about opportunities for the unemployed and young entrepreneurs. 

For more information on the courses and services offered by the Ignition Centre please contact Abraham Oliver at 021 532 2750 or email Abraham@tsiba.org.za

Written by: Ntombiza Lingani, Marketing Coordinator at TSiBA Cape Town

PARTNERS – Dell Supports Enterprise Development

Pictured: (from left) Darren Campher, Aaminah Noor-Mohamed and Roslyn Engelbrecht - TSiBA Cape Town degree students
Most people will tell you that one of the key elements of a successful education offering is state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Thanks to one of our key partners, the Dell South Africa Development Fund (Dell) TSiBA has just that.  Big thank you to Dell for supporting TSiBA since our inception in 2005.

TSiBA has excellent IT infrastructure – including servers on both campuses, IT labs where teaching, research and homework happens, two mobile IT labs with netbooks to enhance access to ICT in our lecture rooms and an e-cafe and training room at our Ignition Centres.
The Cape Town campus has been a wireless environment for the past year thanks to Dell support.
Dell’s support goes beyond delivering boxes of IT. They are completely aligned with our belief that investment in entrepreneurs will contribute to South Africa’s growth and development and have partnered with TSiBA on Enterprise Development initiatives at our Ignition Centres. Their support includes funding towards scholarships for students and we are currently investigating the possibility of our students/graduates accessing internships at Dell offices in Cape Town.
The Dell Development Fund is serious about sustainability and believes that “By providing the opportunity for young people to discover new possibilities, change their lives and unleash their true potential, we are helping to give them a future to look forward to. After all, it is only through improving social conditions that business conditions can be improved, and education is an essential tool to drive this transformation,” says Karen Matthews.
We have huge appreciation for Dell’s generous donations and committed support. TSiBA started with four laptops in an office without a window in 2004 … and look  how far we and our IT systems have come.
Petra de Witt from Dell says, “We are proud of what we do at Dell and believe that our investment into the lives of TSiBA students will assist in their development and their future. Technology and Education are the powerful tools and, when combined, can make a sustainable difference”

Written by: Beverley Basson, Relationships Manager at TSiBA Cape Town

ALUMNI – Five TSiBA Mandela Rhodes Scholars

Pictured: Thokozile Mcopele, TSiBA Graduate
Thokozile Mcopele is TSiBA's fifth Mandela Rhodes scholar in five years which positions TSiBA as the institution with the highest percentage of Mandela Rhodes Scholars in the country!
The prestigious Mandela Rhodes Scholarship aims to help build leadership excellence in Africa by offering young Africans, who exhibit academic prowess as well as broader leadership potential, an opportunity to further their studies. While pursuing their chosen post-graduate degree, each Scholar benefits from access to leadership development programmes.  In addition to interacting with a diverse group of fellow-Scholars that spans the continent and academic disciplines, they become part of a wide-ranging network of young Africans who are expected to play leadership roles in their fields and societies in the future’.  Since the selection of the first group of eight Scholars in 2005, a total of 173 Mandela Rhodes Scholarships have been awarded.

Thokozile expressed her feelings, “I feel so blessed and humbled to have been awarded this prestigious scholarship and am so grateful to TSiBA. Without the excellent training in Entrepreneurship and Leadership and having been exposed to the high calibre of lecturers, students and staff at TSiBA, this would never have been possible for me. And of course, it is a huge blessing from God!” 

TSiBA CEO, Adri Marais, explains, “Thokozile epitomises the TSiBA Graduate, someone with the perfect blend of skills, knowledge and most importantly, the right attitude, which will make her go far in life.  Well done Thokozile – we couldn’t be more proud of you.”

Written by: Sandi Sher, Marketing Manager at TSiBA Cape Town

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Dates to Diarise
You can join us on the last Thursday of every month at our Volunteer Briefing Breakfast if you are interested in making a difference volunteering at TSiBA. Please email Sandi Sher sandi@tsiba.org.za  more info.

TSiBA Eden
  • 06 April 2013: Recruitment Open Day
  • 12 April 2013: CPBA Cyle 1 ends
  • 22 April 2013: CPBA Cycle 2 begins
  • 03 May 2013: Headmaster's Lunch
  • 11 May 2013: Open Day and Alumni Day
  • 24 May 2013: HCBA Semester 1 ends 
  • 28 May 2013: Study Leave and Exams
  • 21 June 2013: HCBA holiday
  • 28 June 2013: CPBA Cyle 2 ends

TSiBA Cape Town
  • 02 April 2013: Term 2 begins
  • 13 April 2013: Mentorship Development 
  • 25 April 2013: Volunteer Briefing Breakfast and Mentorship Intervision
  • 30 May 2013: Volunteer Briefing Breakfast and Mentorship Intervision
  • 15 June 2013: Mentorship Development
  • 27 June 2013: Volunteer Briefing Breakfast and Mentorship Intervision

Closing Thought

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Help change the world by investing in education for the next generation leaders who will ignite opportunity and social change. 


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