TSiBA News August 2013
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August 2013

Pictured left to right: Andiswe Nzlili, Asha Alwie, Athini Kenke (BBA Graduates 2013)
Biggest Graduation Ever!
“South Africa needs you to become the type of visionary leaders that can build truly impactful enterprises that will transform our society”  Dr. Mamphela Ramphele, 19 July 2013

TSiBA Cape Town’s fifth Graduation Ceremony took place last month. This was not a typical Graduation Ceremony, but TSiBA is not your typical business school. 27 proud TSiBA graduates received their Bachelor in Business Administration degrees sharing the stage with 69 Higher Certificate in Business Administration graduates and the inspirational honorary speaker Dr Mamphela Ramphele. Ramphele shared her wisdom with the Graduates saying “Of all the blessings our country has, I say again, it is you who are the most important and the investment that TSiBA has made in you demonstrates this. TSiBA’s investment in you has given you the strength to leap into your future callings.”

Some of these graduates are the first in their families to get a tertiary education made possible by scholarships provided by TSiBA to study accredited, tertiary level courses focused on developing entrepreneurship and leadership. Seems that we are not the only ones who think our students are brilliant as they have won numerous awards including five Mandela Rhodes Scholarships for post-graduate studies,  Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowships and a Kofi Annan Scholarship for study in Switzerland. Even better is the fact that 95% of TSiBA graduates are employed, entrepreneurs or studying at postgraduate level – incredible against the backdrop of 50% unemployment amongst South African youth.

If you missed this incredibly inspiring event, don’t worry you can check out the awesome photos here  and read our blog.

Yours in igniting opportunity,

The TSiBA team

Meet Students Natheerah & Ekome
Pictured: Natheerah Noor-Mohammed (BBA2) & Ekome Same (BBA3)

TSiBA students may be smart in the classroom, but they’re challenged to be the best they can be out of the classroom too. In TSiBA tradition, graduation was hosted by two students: Natheerah Noor-Mohamed & Ekome Same.

Ekome is originally from Cameroon and has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and is positive that his experience at TSiBA will help him in the corporate world and to realise his dream of creating a cosmetic business – borne out of his struggle to find good products to help him with skin allergies when he was a child. Ekome says “I am very happy to be at TSiBA; we get so much exposure to people and different experiences I have never had. The academic side is great as it allows for streamlined choices for different business careers.”

Natheerah is a born and bred Capetonian and at 22 years she is still deciding which area of business she wants to go into. Natheerah says “I am taking all the opportunities TSiBA has to offer – and there are a lot of options like Law and Investments where we also get practical work experience from our first year which many of my friends didn’t get at their tertiary institutions and has made me feel more equipped.”

On speaking to an audience of over 400 students, donors and supporters Natheerah  said that “Graduation was awesome it makes me want to work harder to be at TSiBA next year” and Ekome  agreed “The ceremony has given me an extra boost that I need to be standing here graduating next year!”

Both students believe in ‘Paying it Forward’ to the community. Natheerah with SACH (Students Assisting Children’s Homes) and Ekome by tutoring students with extra lessons.

TSiBA in the UK
We’re continuing to spread our international wings and have registered a charitable trust in the UK called Friends of TSiBA Education (Charity no. 1153039). Brand SA recently invited co-founder Leigh Meinert to talk at their Rising Stars event in London which aimed to “celebrate youth and the future in South Africa”. Our story and achievements were warmly received and the evening ended on a high note with closing words by Asanda Jezile (pictured here), the gorgeous 11-year-old South African finalist in “Britain’s Got Talent”.

We are also in the process of registering a trust in Switzerland and are planning a trip to the USA in early 2014. The support that we are already receiving in these early days of our international adventuring is extremely encouraging. If you have friends and family overseas who would be interested in supporting a wonderful proudly South African initiative like TSiBA from afar, please contact leigh@tsiba.org.za 
Postgrad. Education
The Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting (PG Dip SEC) is up and running with great success. This programme is designed to empower consultants to become effective coaches and mentors to add value to both businesses and entrepreneurs. The programme has attracted interest from universities & business schools from around the country as well as government and parastatal organisations.

TSiBA is now recruiting for next year’s programme which is modular, runs over 18 months and made up of six blocks of six full-time days. For more info please visit the TSiBA website or contact Reidwaan Jawoodeen Postgrad Programme Coordinator: reidwaan tsiba.org.za 021 532 2750)
Meet our Development Manager
Theo Wilscott is TSiBA’s Development Manager responsible for building strategic partnerships and generating income in line with TSiBA’s status as a non-profit organisation. Theo has a B Soc Sci degree in Organisational Psychology, a PG Dip in Organisation & Management and 15 years specialist marketing experience. Theo is married with three children and lives TSiBA’s philosophy of life-long learning - currently studying for his MBA at Stellenbosch Business School.

Theo feels that he has more to offer than his business expertise as he shares a similar background to many students. Theo grew up in Hanover Park, on the Cape Flats, and faced challenges adjusting to academic life at a university in Cape Town and hopes sharing his experience will give hope to students by being living proof that with hard work they can also achieve their goals.

Theo says, “What I love about TSiBA most is the ethos of Igniting Opportunity. I love to see students arriving here every day, rain or shine, walking in and wanting to be the best humans they can be. I love how TSiBA’s Profile of Graduateness develops and grows the attitude of the person in conjunction with their skill-set.

TSiBA Eden

TSiBA Eden had big reason to celebrate with their 39 Higher Certificate in Business Administration graduates at their 2013 Graduation Ceremony. Professor Quinton Johnson, Dean of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Campus in George, was the keynote speaker. Click here  to Read TSiBA Eden CPBA student, Louricia September’s blog about the event.

TSiBA Eden’s relationship with Minnesota State University (USA) began way back in the 1980’s when Steve Carver, who started TSiBA Eden, met American Scott Fee when they were both students. Scott Fee is now an Associate Professor in Construction Management there and a great supporter of TSiBA Eden! Scott organises an annual college trip to South Africa for students to learn about the culture and history of South Africa which is an elective in one of their courses.  Have a look at this video made by an American student about their trip to South Africa. 
Minnesota State University sponsored a three-year bursary for Eden Graduate, Bulelani Mgxaka, to study in the USA and he was recently chosen as Valedictorian speaker to 6000 people at their graduation!

Congratulations to the 13 entrepreneurs in the Business Venture Creation group from Smutsville who graduated on the 31 July after completing their Business Essentials training and mentoring via the TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre. The  training was organised with local NGO Masithandane helped by some training funds from National Lottery Distribution Fund.

Principal's Breakfast

Pictured at the breakfast left to right: Dino Abrahams, Carl Davids, Archie Benjamin, Mark Wildschut & Mahir Jeffery 
Principal Andre Kraak from Steenberg High School has two of his past learners in the TSiBA HCBA class, “It has once again been inspirational visit to your organisation. Your strategy and programme to impact on our youth and ultimately the economy of the country should be replicated. I commend you and your team for the opportunities that are being afforded our young people."

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Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TSiBAEducation.

Alumni wins Kofi Annan Scholarship
Mahlubandile Dyonase, TSiBA Bachelor in Business Administration Graduate and winner of a 2013/ 2014 Kofi Annan Scholarship to study in Switzerland says, “I am so excited to officially be a TSiBA graduate. This is not the end point, but a motivator to use this opportunity I have been given to jump further in life and to empower myself and others - I am definitely not stopping!"

"Growing up in Khayelitsha, one of Cape Town's disadvantaged townships, I remain strongly committed to the development and upliftment of the South African economy. My vision is to create growth-supportive integration between formal and informal financial systems within the South African economy. My advice to the youth of South Africa would be that there are many opportunities in the world and it’s not your background that matters, but the energy and hard work that you put in.”
Thank You 
Pictured: PwC volunteer mentors with BBA1 students
The wonderful thing about partnering with TSiBA is that it allows companies to become involved and support TSiBA across a number of areas. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is a company with a long, happy association with TSiBA by involving their staff in lecturing and tutoring. They contributed generously towards costs involved in our Cape Town Graduation event this year and have offered to sponsor a prize for the top student in Accounting for the October Award’s Ceremony.

PwC has chosen to be involved in the subject area of Financial Accounting, which is closely aligned with the expertise and academic background of their staff. For the current semester a team of rotating PwC lecturers and tutors are responsible for tutoring the students in the first year of the BBA degree programme once a week. The value of this annual involvement is calculated to be in the region of R750 000.

Senior Manager at PwC Rashaad Fortune says PwC sees its relationship with TSiBA as an investment in the youth of South Africa and an opportunity to make a constructive contribution to nurturing employable talent.

Tapie Marlie, PwC partner responsible for the collaboration with TSiBA, says “PwC prides itself in developing many future business leaders that enters the corporate world.  Our involvement with TSiBA helps to develop a well-rounded business leader.  The experience our people gain while being involved with TSiBA is invaluable and often creates a lasting impression with them.” 

“Thank you PwC!” exclaims TSiBA CEO Adri Marais, “Since the day you attended a breakfast in our Mowbray offices in 2004, you have fully embraced our drive to Ignite Opportunity and Social Change. From the early years of Charlie and Manie dressing up like mechanics to spice up the classroom experience to Tapie’s leadership, Rashaad’s continuous presence and commitment, you continue to set the standard and live your values.”


Entrepreneurship & Ignition Centre 

Pictured: Northeastern University USA students with TSiBA BBA2 students & Ahmed Kathrada

The Northeastern University (NU) USA annual Field Study trip to South Africa is TSiBA’s flagship programme which has been running since 2008. The programme runs for two weeks with NU students partnering up with BBA2 students at TSiBA to work in groups with 20 local entrepreneurs sourced by the Ignition Centre.

Students attend daily lectures and choose a local entrepreneur who they practically assist to grow their business in the areas they need help with, acting as consultants in areas like marketing, finance, strategy etc. The inter-cultural exchange between SA and US students together with the exposure to micro-enterprise challenges makes for a unique and rich learning experience.

TSiBA actively partners with additional overseas universities like Hanze University Groningen, Holland, and Minnesota State University, USA, which is important to facilitate mutual learning and maintain high standards internationally.

The TSiBA Graduate Accelerator Programme (GAP) has been introduced to fast-track degree  graduates who would like to start their own businesses by providing subsistence funding over a 12-month period as well as coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities. High unemployment and not enough jobs in the corporate sector make it vital for South Africa to develop confident entrepreneurs who can sustain businesses and create jobs.

The first three TSiBA graduates to access this programme to boost their enterprises are: Gordon White  – Blue Nib Web DesignRayne Moses – Nebula Skateboarding and Ntombiza Lingani – Xhosa Language School. 
Upcoming Event:
Cycle for Change

Need incentive to climb those hills in the 109km Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014? Sign up for the TSiBA charity team and the blood, sweat and tears will all be for a good cause.

Team members will receive: free race entry, a TSiBA cycle top, as well as an earlier start on the day. To book your place all you need to do is fundraise for a minimum of R2 500 towards a student scholarship. Hurry places are limited!

For more info and to book your place please contact 
theo@tsiba.org.zaTSiBA will assist teams where possible with marketing material, lletters etc (Don’t forget TSiBA is also able to provide Tax Certificates)
Dates to Diarise

If you want to make a difference by volunteering at TSiBA join us on the last Thursday of every month at our Volunteer Briefing Breakfast. 
TSiBA Cape Town
31 August:           Student Open Day (09h00 – 12h00)
9 September:       4th term begins
26 September:      New Volunteers’ Coffee Morning 
9 October:            Student  Awards Ceremony
31 October:          New Volunteers’ Coffee Morning 
31 November:      Appreciation Breakfast

TSiBA Eden, Knysna
9 September:       4th term begins

 September:          SRC Sports Event
11 October:         World Food Day
1 November:        Appreciation Breakfast

For more info email Sandi Sher info@tsiba.org.za 

Wish List
Gift-in-kind donations make a BIG difference.
Computers - A/V:                    
Hard drives, wireless microphones, headphones, hard-drives/ flashes & webcams
Office equipment / hostel:    
Refrigerator, ghetto blaster & speakers, voice recording devices, first aid kit , microwave, storage container/ wendy house, contributions to student food/ transport fund, curtains and rails.
Human Resources:                 
Volunteer lecturers and tutors, volunteer student & entrepreneur mentors, driving lessons and volunteer driver
Stationery/ books:                
Novels for the library book-club, A3 coloured card

Please contact Theo  info@tsiba.org.za if you can assist, or are able to support TSiBA in any other way.

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