Partner with TSIBA Business School

In the revised B-BBEE Codes the definition of beneficiaries in the Skills Development element has been expanded from employees only to include expenditure more broadly on “unemployed black” people. Since TSIBA is a registered and accredited tertiary education institution, and the majority of our student beneficiaries are both unemployed (as students) and black as defined by the revised codes, all tuition scholarships or bursaries for TSIBA students now qualify for Skills Development expenditure – and may be channeled via bursary funding to TSIBA.

Scholarship partners invest directly in the education of deserving South African youth and have the  opportunity to build a personal and professional relationship with their beneficiaries.



Partner with TSIBA Education Trust

TSIBA Education Trust (Master’s Reference Number: IT210/2007), founded in 2007, aims to secure the long-term financial sustainability of TSIBA student beneficiaries as a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment entity within the TSIBA collective. TSIBA Education Trust also holds full ownership of TSIBA Ignition Academy (Pty) Ltd.

The Trust presents an opportunity for South African medium and large scale enterprises to partner in the Ownership element of the B-BBEE codes with a credible and impactful entity in the South African education and transformation context.



Partner with TSIBA Ignition Academy

TSIBA Ignition Academy (Pty) Ltd offers high quality and customisable solutions to enhance business Skills Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development B-BBEE scorecard elements for organisations across all business sectors. These high-impact interventions close skills gaps, encourage professional development and drive meaningful supply chain transformation.

The Ignition Academy also specialises in activating and running bespoke entrepreneurial support programmes for their corporate partners. TSIBA Ignition Academy (Pty) Ltd builds on and supports the work  of TSIBA Business School (registered as TSIBA Education NPC), as far back as 2007.




New TSIBA Campus

Following what TSIBA has built over 15 years and our solid track record, we are now embarking on a bold new plan for our future. We aim for significantly increased impact and to be thought leaders in values based business education in Africa. Towards this TSIBA aims to have 1,000 enrolled students in our degree programs, and 2000 people per year reached through the TSIBA Ignition Academy by 2023.

In support of this vision, TSIBA will move to a new Campus in 2020. Our new campus is been designed to enhance the learning and skills necessary to thrive in a fast-changing world of work. The Campus also will be located in vibrant and dynamic location – with easy access to transport systems, student community facilities and experiential business opportunities for our students.

This is a game changer for TSIBA. It is also one which we will need financial partnerships to bring fully to fruition. Towards this we extend an invitation to all partners willing to support a project with the aim of achieving a high return on investment in young humans – and ultimately a high return on investment in South Africa.