Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

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Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration


SAQA ID: 118548   NQF LEVEL: 8   

Required Credits: 120
Minimum Duration: 18 Months
Maximum Duration: 3 Years

Programme Convenor: Dr S. Kasai

Programme Overview

TSIBA Business School offers a leading-edge 18-month postgraduate qualification via a blend of high-engagement synchronous (online face to face), blended workshop contact, and asynchronous (in your own time) learning methods.

The blended model of delivery provides a student-friendly experience in alignment with our ethos of providing exceptional business education and universal access to it.

Purpose of the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration aims to prepare candidates for middle to senior-level roles in administration and management across sectors and industries. The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration has a strong enterprise development focus, which aims to develop candidates not just as productive employees, but creators of jobs and growth opportunities. The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration is the perfect bridge for people seeking entry into advanced management education from other disciplines.

Programme content and structure*


Module name


Compulsory modules


Academic Literacy and Strategic Communication Management






Entrepreneurial Leadership



Entrepreneurial Finance



Strategic Management



Applied Coaching and Mentoring


Electives (Choose one)


Business Ethics, Governance and Sustainability



International Business and Economics



Advanced Project Management



Advanced Operations Management



Advanced Marketing Practice



Digital Business


Total credits required to graduate


*All modules are offered at NQF level 8

Exit Level Outcomes

Successful completion of this qualification will enable graduates to:

  • Critically analyse leadership and management challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurial organisations, and recommend credible solutions
  • Confidently provide operational and strategic leadership in a diverse organisational context
  • Effectively coach and mentor others for entrepreneurial development
  • Exhibit a global management outlook through the lens of the South African economy 
  • Effectively promote ethical management and leadership practices for good corporate and global citizenship
  • Confidently pursue higher studies in business or management education


Tuition Fees

The fee breakdown is as follows:


Cost per module

Full Course Fee

18 Months 


R 4 950

R 34 650

What are the entrance requirements?

Applicants to the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration must be in possession of:

  • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent;
  • Numeracy and English Literacy at NQF level 4

Applicants should note that shortlisted candidates will be required to take an admissions test. The cost of the admissions test will be credited upon successful acceptance to and registration for the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration.  

Where necessary, selection will be based on academic order of merit and the relevance of prior studies to the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration Curriculum.

Applicants 30 years or older, with significant work experience and alternative education/training in business administration/management, may apply for admission via recognition of prior learning (RPL). Opportunities for RPL admission are limited to 10% of any cohort size and dependent on the applicant’s demonstrated capacity to cope with the demands of the PGBA curriculum.

When does the programme start?

The programme's first intake will commence on the 22nd of April 2024 and the Second Intake on the 22nd of July 2024. with a one-week synchronous (online face-to-face) orientation module in March 2024. 

What delegates say about the programme:
  • “The entire programme was an eye opener for me, great knowledge, information and skill sharing, substantiated by good and appropriate models, techniques and tactics of coaching and mentorship."
  • “New techniques, tactics, logic, theories in consulting and mentoring.”
  • “The mentorship component was amazing … allowing me to have the confidence and tools to assist clients with organisational design.”
  • “What I learned will help my business as well as my mentees.”
  • "The course has made me more resolute to stay on my path.”


"My journey in the Printing and packaging industry spans a remarkable 25 years.My career began immediately after completing high school, initially intended as a temporary job, but it transformed into a life-changing journey I wouldn't trade for anything.

Starting as a Bagging assistant, I embarked on a journey of continuous growth within the industry. I pursued formal training in printing and packaging, ultimately becoming a qualified journeyman on machines. Over the years, I climbed the corporate ladder, assuming roles such as team leader, foreman, shift manager, and operations manager.

As a Project Manager, my responsibilities include aiding plants across AFEMEA in enhancing their operations and profitability. While the role is demanding, it offers the unique advantage of exposing me to diverse cultures, various policies, and distinctive operational styles and management practices.

My commitment to lifelong learning has been a constant in my journey. During my pursuit of an Operations management qualification, one of my lecturers introduced me to TSIBA, an institution with a compelling mission. Intrigued by their values, I applied for the PG Dip program and became a part of the TSIBA family.

Interacting with my fellow classmates and building a network within the program has been invaluable, making the course more manageable and enjoyable. The knowledge I've acquired through the PG Dip program has been instrumental in my success as a Project Manager.

Many of the improvements I've implemented are driven by strategic planning and financial acumen. TSIBA's emphasis on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset has enabled me to continually seek opportunities and create competitive advantages. As a result, my perspective on management and leadership has evolved significantly since joining the PG Dip programme.

As I approach the final module of the PG Dip, I can confidently attest that my experience with TSIBA has been truly enriching. The lecturers, management team, and staff have consistently exceeded my expectations. They are not only experts in their respective fields but also considerate of each student's unique circumstances, offering support whenever needed.

I wholeheartedly recommend the TSIBA PGDip program to anyone in management or entrepreneurship. It not only equips you with essential knowledge but also provides the
unwavering support needed to achieve your objectives and reach new heights in your career."

Riaan Dawood