5 Trends that leaders should look out for

What are the biggest trends in leadership development that every business leader should keep an eye on? We’ve compiled a list of five trends that will have a big impact on how leaders view themselves, their teams and their leadership role within the organisation. 

Make the circle bigger

More and more research is highlighting the fact that the key to innovation is diversity. Leaders of the future will spend a great deal of time cultivating inclusivity and intentionally growing the diversity of their organisations.

Leaders with heart

Emotionally healthy leaders will be in high demand. Studies show that employee engagement increases significantly where leaders are more emotionally available. This increased engagement leads to higher productivity and increased performance. If leaders truly want to get the most out of their teams, they should lead with their heart as much as with heads. 

Will the real leader please stand?

Authenticity is highly valued. Gone are the days of the leader being unbreakable and untouchable. Real leaders are relatable and transparent. Leadership is less about being Mr Know It All and more about creating space for honest conversations about real issues that impact their teams. 

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but a lack thereof will kill the leader. 

The ability to keep learning will be the skill of the future should be at the top of management’s agenda. The successful companies of the future will be those who keep investing in training for both leaders and their teams. 

Cultivating culture

Belonging and meaning will unlock true potential far more than any other incentive. Leaders of the future will spend more time nurturing the company culture than ever before. Lisa Mooney highlights the fact that a healthy corporate culture where people feel safe and supported will result in improved employee engagement, retention, high-performance and innovation. The growth of these metrics will also impact overall business profitability.