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TSiBA Grad Interns in Hamburg

28 Jun 2018 in

I recently completed a four-month work internship at Vartan Aviation in Hamburg, Germany, after I finished my last year at TSiBA in 2017. The opportunity came about when TSiBA negotiated a work internship abroad for one student to work at Vartan Aviation. This had not been in my original…

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My Experience of TSiBA Rites of Passage!

26 Jun 2018 in

“I am a life-changer who adds value to the lives of everyone whose path I cross through means of inspiration” Ashura Arendse, BBA3

TSiBA Rites of Passage (ROP) wilderness leadership programme marks the biggest milestone in a student’s life which in essence is one of the…

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Seen at TSiBA Chapter 2

31 May 2018 in

image Nomandla Magube is back with Seen at TSIBA, where Business meets Fashion. In this second chapter, Nomandla reflects on the use of Black as the New Red.

“We all know clothes don’t just affect your confidence level but also your success, as clothing significantly influences how others…

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60 seconds with Lundi Mkosi

30 May 2018 in

image60 seconds with… is the opportunity to discover the bright alumni who make #OurTSiBA valuable! Find out about Lundi Mkosi!

When did you study at TSiBA?

I started at TSIBA in 2013 with HCBA and started the degree the following year in 2014.


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Think Tomorrow Today

30 May 2018 in

image According to fin24, only 6% of South Africans retire comfortably. Will you be part of the 6% or the 94%?

The truth is that every day that goes by is one day closer to your retirement. Your last couple of years on earth are…

5 things to know about the National Benchmark Test

23 May 2018 in

imageWhat is an National Benchmark Test (NBT) and do I need it?

As we hit the mid-year landmark, there is a lot of talk about the National Benchmark Test, which is often confused with National Senior Certificate (Matric Certificate). Their name similarity might in…

Seen at TSIBA, where Business meets Fashion

08 May 2018 in

image Nomandla Magube is the Assistant Librarian at TSiBA and all round fashionista. In her new monthly column, Seen at TSIBA, she shares her tips on how young entrepreneurs can turn their fashion styles and items into a business statement.
In Chapter I, Nomandla recommends to focus…

Dear Future Entrepreneurs…

07 May 2018 in

imageOn Adding value. It takes a village to raise a child. While this proverb’s origin is not very clear, its relevance shines not only through constant retweets and its appearance of a wide range of Inspiration collateral. TSiBA’s commitment to change lives through access to education and…

Enkosi Lewis Group

30 Apr 2018 in

imageTSiBA’s mission is to provide opportunities to the new generation of entrepreneurial trailblazers, equipping them to​ bring positive​ change ​to the world​ in which​ they live by offering access to education. This would not be possible without sound collaborations and relationships with industry partners, who believe in our…

Building African-Based Enterprise Systems Education Platforms with ESEFA Centre

12 Apr 2018 in

image The latest ESEFA programme was held at TSiBA with academic participants from various Educational Institutions across Africa. We chatted to the UCT Course Convenor Gwamaka Mwalemba about the course, its objective and the value of these programmes and collaborations for African Educators.


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