TSIBA Alumnus: Riaan Dawood’s Postgraduate Journey.

My journey in the printing and packaging industry spans a remarkable 25 years. My career began
immediately after completing high school, initially intended as a temporary job, but it transformed
into a life-changing journey, I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Starting as a bagging assistant, I embarked on a journey of continuous growth within the industry. I
pursued formal training in printing and packaging, ultimately becoming a qualified journeyman on
machines. Over the years, I climbed the corporate ladder, assuming roles such as team leader,
foreman, shift manager, and operations manager.

As a Project Manager, my responsibilities include aiding plants across AFEMEA in enhancing their
operations and profitability. While the role is demanding, it offers the unique advantage of
exposing me to diverse cultures, various policies, and distinctive operational styles and
management practices.

My commitment to lifelong learning has been a constant in my journey. During my pursuit of an
For my operations management qualification, one of my lecturers introduced me to TSIBA, an institution with a compelling mission. Intrigued by their values, I applied for the PG Dip program and became
a part of the TSIBA family.

Interacting with my fellow classmates and building a network within the program has been
invaluable, making the course more manageable and enjoyable. The knowledge I’ve acquired
through the PG Dip program has been instrumental in my success as a Project Manager.
Many of the improvements I’ve implemented are driven by strategic planning and financial
acumen. TSIBA’s emphasis on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset has enabled me to continually
seek opportunities and create competitive advantages. As a result, my perspective on
management and leadership has evolved significantly since joining the PG Dip programme.

As I approach the final module of the PG Dip, I can confidently attest that my experience with
TSIBA has been truly enriching. The lecturers, management team, and staff have consistently
exceeded my expectations. They are not only experts in their respective fields but also considerate
of each student’s unique circumstances, offering support whenever needed.

I wholeheartedly recommend the TSIBA PGDip program to anyone in management or
entrepreneurship. It not only equips you with essential knowledge but also provides the
unwavering support needed to achieve your objectives and reach new heights in your career.