Podcast Series

The value of PURPOSE-LIVED has always underpinned TSIBA. Living with purpose, the discovery of each of our unique purpose journeys is what TSIBA believes people are capable of and what makes us fully human.
This podcast series shares many beautiful and unique perspectives from diverse voices on this important theme.

Monika Jiang

Monika Jiang is the head of content and community at the House of Beautiful Business, a global platform and community to make business more beautiful.

A highly intuitive, fantastical soul, temporarily unfinished and forever wanting to play, she reaches to the margins, asks essential questions, and gently steps into the reality of others to make more feelings known, more faces are seen, more voices heard. Because another world is not only possible—it exists. 

Ruth Stoffberg

Ruth is a TSIBA Business School graduate who is currently completing postgraduates in Education and Training (PGCE). 

Ruth serves as Investment Operations Officer for a financial services and asset management organisation in her professional capacity. 

Ruth has a passion for leadership, empowerment, and community development and participates in several social projects where she facilitates and manages people and funding towards project completion and significant social impact. 

One of these was the Impact1000 project, the objective of which was to provide 1000 children with toiletry gift packs and a message of hope in the Manenberg community in 2020. 

More recently, in 2021 Ruth founded the “1 Minute with Ruth Stoffberg” designed and targeted to educate, inform and empower people of colour on the processes of development. Ruth also offers her time In Youth Ministry and Tutoring to assist the youth with Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, reading, and life skills.

Janine Haendel

Dr. Janine Haendel is the Chief Executive Officer of the Roger Federer Foundation. 

Janine joined the Roger Federer Foundation in 2010, seven years after its inception. She describes the Foundation as a learning organization, which is still only at the beginning of its journey. 

Through her leadership and professional approach, the Foundation has transformed itself from a straightforward donation charity to an ambitious impact-oriented and professional and systemic operation close to its heart. 

Janine describes herself as a “naïve optimist”, believing that things can be changed for the better, and has devoted her professional life to humanitarian causes across the world.

Dr. Shirley Zinn

Dr Shirley Zinn hails from Cape Town's 'Cape Flats' and started her career as a secondary school teacher of English before moving to the University of the Western Cape where she lectured in Teacher Education. 

Dr Zinn serves as Executive Director on the Board of Boston Consulting Group and is a coach, mentor, and entrepreneur who serves and has served on the boards of several major companies, trusts, charities, and universities. 

Shirley also heads her own company, Shirley Zinn Consulting, that provides consulting and advisory services in HR, transformation, leadership, and education. In 2015, Shirley published her autobiography, “Swimming Upstream.”

Since the launch of her book, she has done several “Swimming Upstream” talks nationally at corporates, schools, universities, and charities to motivate and inspire especially disadvantaged youth and women.

Dr. Rudi Kimmie

Dr Riedwaan (Rudi) Kimmie is the Chief Executive Officer of TSIBA Business School. 

He holds a PhD in Leadership Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. 

Following over two decades of experience at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) prior to joining TSIBA Dr Kimmie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching and academic development. 

With seats on multiple other boards including Durban Green Corridors, Iqraa Trust, Education Solutions, Datachem and the TSIBA Ignition Academy, Dr Kimmie drives a passion for forging impactful partnerships between academia and business, both locally and internationally.

Adri Marais

Adri is the Chief Executive Officer of Crystel House South Africa. 

Adri is a co-founder of TSIBA Education NPC and prior to joining Crystel House Adri served for many years as this institution's Chief Executive Officer. 

Adri holds a Masters in Biochemistry, an MBA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education Studies  (Cum Laude). Science, business and education informs her view  of the world. 

As a leader, Adri is deeply  empathetic, straight-talking and  standing in her integrity.
She drives  innovation from conceptualisation to  implementation, balancing risk and reward with humanity. 

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman gave up his career as a medical doctor to pursue the field of humanitarian aid, which for him transcends the boundaries of race, religion, culture, class and geography. Alongside his studies and medical work and throughout his life, Sooliman has been progressively involved in several associations, religious organisations, and school-governing bodies as a student, medical doctor, and an active member of civil society.

In 1992, he founded the Gift of the Givers Foundation and has since then delivered more than R160 million in a 13-year period to 22 countries, including South Africa. The organisation is impartial and apolitical, and aims to serve with compassion, kindness and mercy.

The Gift of the Givers Foundation is the largest disaster response non-governmental organisation of African origin on the African continent. In a 15-year period, the organisation has developed into one of the most respected international humanitarian agencies, being the first such agency to be accredited by Proudly South African.

This was his address to the 2022 graduates of TSIBA Business School.

Simon Susman

Simon Susman is the Honorary President of Woolworths Holdings Limited, having joined Woolworths in 1982. 

Prior to his retirement, Simon served as the Chief Executive Officer of Woolworths Holdings and then Chairman over a twenty-year period until 2019. He was recently appointed Honorary Professor of Entrepreneurship at Stellenbosch University Business School. Simon currently also chairs a number of local and international businesses and Civil Society Organisations. 

Professor Mills Soko

Professor Milford Soko teaches International Business and Strategy at Wits Business School and is a former Director of UCT Graduate School of Business. Professor Soko also serves currently on the Board of TSIBA Business School.

Simon Susman is the Honorary President of Woolworths Holdings Limited and was recently appointed Honorary Professor of entrepreneurship at Stellenbosch University

Business School. Simon also serves currently on the Board of TSIBA Business School.

Leigh Meinert

Leigh is a TSIBA co-founder and held the position of TSIBA Managing Director between 2006 and 2012. 

Since then Leigh has remained a TSIBA Board member. Leigh conceptualised TSIBA’s Leadership Curricula as a fundamental component of the learning experience offered through all TSIBA programmes. Leigh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Value and Policy Studies from Stellenbosch University and has a Masters degree in Higher Education Studies (University of Cape Town).