Friends of TSIBA Switzerland

Friends of TSIBA Switzerland

In October 2013 TSIBA registered an Association (“Verein”) in Switzerland called Friends of TSIBA Switzerland. This Verein was established to build relationships with foundations, corporate organizations and individuals to enable TSIBA realise its vision in South Africa. All funds raised by the Verein go directly towards supporting TSIBA Business School, an accredited institution of higher education offering business qualifications in South Africa.

Members of the Board

The Swiss Friends of TSIBA Association is based in Zurich and is managed by an independent Board. The members of the board are:

  • Ryan Goosen: Project Leader, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Zurich
  • Berthold Herrmann: Attorney at Law in private Practice, Zurich
  • Harry Kirsch: Chief Financial Officer, Novartis, Basel
  • Marisa Kraan: Chief Financial Officer, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Germany
  • Peter Kraan: International Partnerships, TSIBA Business School, South Africa
  • Donald Pudney: Chartered Accountant (South Africa), Zurich

Become a Friend of TSIBA Switzerland

Connect with Friends of TSIBA Switzerland using your skills and time.

From planning fundraising events within you network, hosting interns at your company, tipping us about new founding sources to creating relationships with potential partners, there are countless ways you can help amplify TSIBA’s impact! 

Mentor TSIBA students

Share your professional and personal experience by mentoring our students in their journey. Mentorship  is a formal part of TSIBA’s Academic Curriculum.

You will be joining our international community of industry experts. Don’t worry about the distance, as digital technologies bridge the geographical divide.

Fuel our work

If you are a Swiss resident paying income tax in Switzerland you can make a tax-free contribution to TSIBA’s impact through a donation.

Whether you decide to fund a student for a one year tuition scholarship, provide living allowance or donating towards text books, your support will help TSIBA Business School students grow in their journey to Graduation.

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