BE TSIBAwesome

Dear Friends of TSIBA

WOW! TSIBA has acquired a new campus. 

What now?  

Now we need to replenish the loan funding which TSIBA Business School has acquired to make this incredible dream possible. Loan funding has secured the campus purchase and associated project costs, including design, installation, migration and campus greening.  Like you, our new campus will be TSIBAwesome. 

The TSIBA Founders’ Gift Capital Campaign was established to secure the funding needed. This campaign is now live and is calling for support. Your investment in the new TSIBA Campus builds a space which creates better humans, better communities and a better planet. Your investment builds South Africa. 

To be more TSIBAwesome than you already are please support the Founders’ Gift Capital Campaign through the TSIBA GIVE page or by contacting us on

Naming rights are offered to partners making significant investments to the Founders’ Gift Capital Campaign. For more information please download the Founders’ Gift Brochure here .