Student Review: Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

What motivated you to register for the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration course?

At the beginning of the course, I was at a stage in my life or career where I wanted more from and out of life. I needed more specific skills to take me to the next career level.

I was recommended to TSIBA by a close friend. I was curious if I was going to get accepted. I took the chance anyway. Fast forward 18 months later, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The course taught me that believing in yourself is the key to unlocking your full potential and personal growth. We had many interactive discussions that brought out the true leader in us. TSIBA pushes their students to be great leaders and world changers. The programme will challenge you to think outside of the box. In fact, there is no real box. 

We had a great mix of diverse lectures from different disciplines within the workspace, which made it extremely exciting. One of our lectures was from the University of Stellenbosch, which holds an MBA. The course material was nothing short of the best and was significantly up-to-date and relevant to the current workspace!

I recently immigrated to the US. I will be working for about one year to gain experience in the US market. After my work experience, I would like to pursue an MBA. After my MBA, I would build my start-up tech company and scale up globally. In the US, many things like this are possible. 

What are your thoughts about the course you are busy completing/completed?

We learnt some valuable Business methodologies we can use in any business, be it small or large, but the concept remains the same. As we advance, I will utilise the skills I have acquired at TSIBA and apply them to my next venture. 

What is the one thing you learnt in the Postgraduation Diploma in Business Administration that has stuck with you?

For me, it has been the strategic module. In the course, we completed a few SWOT analyses and a Business model canvas. 

Another takeaway was learning to work with students from different walks of life and to have experienced the beauty of constantly gaining a different perspective from my classmates.

How was the project experience?

It was extremely challenging. Working and studying are always challenging. However, it builds character and discipline at the same time.

Having to meet deadlines continually for 18 Months straight will challenge your mental capacity. The coursework and material were definitely up to standard. Some of the modules in the Postgrad studies will prepare you for an MBA.

Did you receive feedback from the lecturer, and was the lecturer prepared or in class?

Yes, we did. The comments were on Turnitin.

What did you like most about the course?

I enjoyed the projects/assignments the most!

What didn’t you like about the course?

That some students dropped out, I also wanted to gain a better Network. However, the network needed to meet my expectations.

Will you recommend it to others, and why/why not?

Indeed, 100% yes.

Written by: Scanlon Botha (Uber Technologies, Business Development Manager)