Alumna: Zikhona Ngumbela

It was a challenge studying at a different institution after graduating. It was a new environment, larger classes and change is support systems. I took it as an opportunity to apply all the tools I had learnt about to cope in the new environment. When I was overwhelmed with being in a new environment, I remembered that I learnt a lot about quiet time at TSIBA. Slowing myself down and listening to how my body is responding to the new environment. I started to build relationships with people around me and took advantage of the support systems available to me.

Pay-it-Forward Ambassador

My TSIBA journey was a lot of different amazing things. It changed my life in many ways. It was a safe space for me to be who I am while exploring other parts of myself which I never knew existed. It was a journey of finding who I really am, and not who I think I am, or who I have been told I am. From the students, staff, mentors and lecturers, I felt held. I felt recognized when I did great and supported when I faced challenges. There was a whole lot of emotional and leadership work I had to do. There were a lot of practical entrepreneurial activities, presentations, competitions and projects- getting our hands dirty and having fun. I met a lot of people who I am still in contact with.

TSIBA is a step-ahead in terms of knowing what today’s employers need. I have found that most of the workshop content I have attended at work is the same as the TSIBA workshops and classes where I learnt about different tools and skills required to flourish at work. The fact that TSIBA does not only focus on academics but also on emotional and leadership development has helped me cope with work pressure and to be self-aware.

My career highlight so far has been being trusted to facilitate workshops and training of new employees that join the company. For me, it’s a sign that I am at a stage where I have gained enough work experience to be able pay it forward to others who are at the start of their careers.