Breaking News: TSIBA invests in the future by purchasing its own ‘Home’

Home, a haven for nurturing;  a place for engagement; a space for learning and discovery’ 

‘Halala’ TSIBA! It is with great pleasure to announce the ‘breaking’ news of TSIBA Education NPC reaching another significant milestone in its education journey; that of purchasing its own campus!

Effective from July 2023, the TSIBA Business School campus will be based at 51 Old Mill Road, Pinelands, Cape Town from the start of the second semester. 

The purchase of 51 Old Mill Road brings to fruition an 18 year dream for TSIBA to own its campus, as an asset from which  the education mandate of the institution can be fully and sustainably realised. The ‘brick and mortar’ acquisition  aligns with TSIBA’s educational methodology which supports hybrid teaching and learning within a safe and technologically enabled environment.  Further, it also resonates with TISBA’s confidence in the future of South Africa through a significant capital investment, and in particular, an investment in the immense potential that TSIBA sees in our youth as purpose-lived leaders who will take South Africa forward.

The new Campus is located on 9300 square metres of land, with 4500 square metres of campus floor space, fully installed solar energy systems, over 100 parking bays, and numerous external green spaces providing an aspirational home in a secure, accessible and highly valued area.  51 Old Mill Road easily provides adequate space and facilities for our current student cohort of 700 students and our aspirations to grow. Situated on the boundary of Pinelands and Ndabeni in Cape Town, this particular address is easily accessible for students and staff via all transport modes. Importantly, the new premises provide sufficient space to realise our goal to accommodate 1000 students in studies by 2025, and 2000 students in studies by 2030.  

TSIBA House, our current campus in Woodstock, has provided a wonderful stepping stone to meet our short-term  objectives and to build the TSIBA brand  over the last three years. It has also helped TSIBA realise an impact potential far beyond the limits of this campus. And so, we will enjoy TSIBA House for another year as we prepare 51 Old Mill Road to be our beautiful new home from  mid-2023.      

The decision by the TSIBA Board of Directors to invest in a larger campus enables the attainment of a number of strategic, academic and social impact aspirations. These include the capacity to accommodate exponentially increasing numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate enrolments in both full and part-time study curricula, the launching of new academic offerings in the coming years and the ability to do so in a sustainable manner from an owned campus asset. 

Founders’ Gift Capital Campaign

Pursuant to this breaking news is the launch of the TSIBA Founders’ Gift Capital Campaign. 

Founders’ Gift aims at raising sufficient financial resources to replenish the loan funding of ZAR 50 000 000 which the Business School has acquired from the TSIBA Education Trust. Loaned Trust funding has secured the campus purchase and associated project costs including interior design, installation, migration and campus greening. 

In addition, to leverage full value from the asset in perpetuity, an additional  sustainability endowment of  ZAR 50 000 000 is sought. Founders’ Gift thus forms part of a broader sustainability campaign aimed at securing the financial sustainability of TSIBA for decades ahead. Balance Sheet assets realised through this campaign will enable TSIBA to become a more highly sought after, and premium teaching and learning institution. This will further cement our standing as a key partner in providing access to learning opportunities which contribute to South Africa’s skills needs, and which produces engaged, purpose-lived and economically active citizens. 

Please download the Founders’ Gift Brochure here or from our website. Interested investors in Founders’ Gift may invest through the TSIBA GIVE page or by contacting us at


Gia Whitehead
TSIBA Education NPC Board of Directors