Catch-up with Kareemah

In November 2018, I registered my business and started operating full-time.  I had already started this as a side-hustle in 2015 and I had established a small customer base.

I needed assistance on how to maximise my production and ultimately take my business to the next level; therefore I joined the NU programme in 2019. Being part of the programme exposed me to more insight and ideas on how to achieve this. I was fortunate to win a grant that I put towards purchasing the much-needed assets to improve my business offerings and grow my customer base.

My TSIBA qualification has helped me and given me a competitive advantage within my industry. The knowledge and experience gained from working with other entrepreneurs during my degree gave me an upper hand in avoiding possible challenges and pitfalls within the start-up period of my business. TSIBA has put great focus on my personal growth as the degree has also empowered me with the mindset and attitude; which I needed in order to follow my dream of becoming a business owner. 

How has the Lockdown affected your business? 

Just before lockdown, I was given the opportunity to participate in TSIBA’s 1st Dragons Den and won a grant to further expand my business. This couldn’t have come at a better time, as I received the money within the start of a global pandemic which brought the world to a standstill. I used that lockdown period to plan how I was going to improve my offering and boost my sales. Once lockdown restrictions were eased, and I was able to operate again, I put a great effort into marketing my business. I have since received a great response and can proudly say that with the increasing orders, I am now able to employ someone. Through business mentorship, TSIBA continues to support my career journey, and therefore I am eternally grateful.