Dear Future Entrepreneurs…


imageOn Adding value. It takes a village to raise a child. While this proverb’s origin is not very clear, its relevance shines not only through constant retweets and its appearance of a wide range of Inspiration collateral. TSiBA’s commitment to change lives through access to education and leadership is possible through a multi-disciplinary approach; this is amplified by holistic relationships with corporate partners, which add value at different steps of the student’s journey.
One such partner is Lewis Group of Companies. In the last 8 years, the group has only contributed 93 annual tuition scholarships, with a whopping 98% graduating rate and a 100% employment. The support goes beyond being purely fee-related; in fact, Lewis also provides the students with a monthly stipend, offers the scholars the opportunity to do the compulsory internship in their 3rd year (IPJ) as well as a secured 1-year employment contract after graduation.

During the 2018 scholarship handover ceremony, Les Davies, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the group, addressed the TSiBA Lewis scholars and alumni, currently employed at the Group, with some personal tips he found useful in his career. It was wonderful to see the TSiBA audience nodding in a very special and powerful acknowledgment; as the TSiBA’s curriculum mirrors these important clues to a prosperous future, the graduates enter the professional work not only with strong personal values, but with the recognition of the role their families and communities play in their development and success.

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