Enkosi Lewis Group


imageTSiBA’s mission is to provide opportunities to the new generation of entrepreneurial trailblazers, equipping them to bring positive change to the world in which they live by offering access to education. This would not be possible without sound collaborations and relationships with industry partners, who believe in our vision and purpose. Lewis Group is one of TSiBA’s longest supporters, with 10 TSiBA students provided with yearly scholarships that include monthly stipend. Moreover, students get the opportunity to do their internship in BBA-1 and the IPJ in BBA3 at Lewis Group head office, and also a year post-graduation work experience.

Every year, Lewis Group honours its scholars with a handover celebration at their Head Office; there is always an incredible energy in the boardroom, as Lewis staff and TSiBA staff and students get to know each other, year after year.

Ahead of the 2018 ceremony, TSiBA asked Khwezi Jackson, BBA 3 student and Lewis Scholar, about the value added by Lewis to his academic career.

It has been an honour to be a Lewis scholar since 2016. The scholarship has given me peace of mind, since I had a secured internship from my first year at TSiBA. Moreover,  the monthly stipend allowed me to apply the investment theory learnt in class for my personal investment portfolio. I also used the funds to attend the Allan Gray Investment Summit in Johannesburg last year; the event was an eye-opener, as it exposed me to Executives of companies such as Prudential, Investec, Nedgroup, among many others, sharing invaluable investment knowledge.

The scholarship has also exposed me and my Fellow Scholars to the 7 Habits of Highly Successful College Students Training. During the yearly training, there has been something extremely practical I could take home and apply to my personal life. One of my highlights is that fsince 2016 I have quit sugar in coffee and tea.

Lewis has made an incredible contribution to my life since I obtained the scholarship in 2016. I am excited to join Lewis from July 2018 for my IPJ and my intent is to add as much value as I can to the organisation. I look forward to making an impact and to growing the footprint of the organisation through my new skills.

Enkosi Lewis