Great victory for team TSIBA

By Clotilde Angelucci TSiBA on 12 Mar 2018

imageThe 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour witnessed a stellar Team TSiBA riding the challenging 109 km on Sunday, 11th March 2018!

From only 3 members in 2016, the 2018 club comprised 5 donors and volunteers, a whopping 15 students, 3 staff members and 13 family & friends of TSiBA who came together to ride for education to raise funds for TSiBA business scholarships. The team reported great timings, showing different fitness levels but same commitment and drive to cross the finish line with a great sense of accomplishment!


BBA3 student Siposethu Mejini, Team TSiBA leader, all-round sport enthusiast and first-time Cape Town Cycle Tour participant came close to his goal of completing the tour in 3 hours with grit, with a reported hours and 20 minutes.

The team had international riders too; Helmut Schütt and Armin Hollenstein, Math Professor and B360 Volunteer, visited TSiBA respectively from Germany and Switzerland, and joined the team for this exceptional ride.

On Monday, 12th March, they donated their bikes to the club to respond to the need for additional bikes for this fast-growing team.

image(Pic courtesy of Cindy Waxa/African News Agency/ANA)Siphosethu Mejini expressed the team’s appreciation at the Annual Cycling Breakfast, held on the Friday before the race. “For many of us, Sunday will be the first time in this international timed race, which draws cyclists from around the world. We have two people in our team for came from German and Switzerland to participate in the race, with intentions of raising funds for other potential TSiBAlings who do not have means to further their studies. I personally do not know how I could have managed to get into the tertiary school if TSiBA had not become a reality in 2014. Today I would like to thank everyone at TSiBA and from outside who have been part of our journey this far, we value your support and encouragement to be creative and visionaries in making our dreams a reality. TSiBA’s philosophy is Paying it Forward, and as a cycling club we master leadership with purpose by giving back to the surrounding communities. We have been volunteering with Open Streets in assisting with the bike bus, and other activities which make the movement successful and fun for all people who join on the day”.


Interested in Running for Education? Support or join Team TSiBA in the upcoming Two Oceans and help raise funds for two business scholarships