May Africa be with you

How special is to start a new month with May Day?!


On this day, we remember the struggles workers had to endure for their rights to be respected in the workplace. While Workers’Day originated in the Industrial Revolution (where industrial production transformed working life), the struggle is far from outdated. According to the International Labour Organization’s World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2019 report, efforts in reducing unemployment globally are not met by advancements in the quality of work workers enjoy.

The report underlines how poor employment conditions are the main issue for the global labour market, with millions of people forced to accept inadequate working conditions to support their families.

What about Africa?

When looking at the stats for our continent, it is clear that employment figures don’t translate into decent working conditions. While 60% of the population is employed, Africa doesn’t enjoy a well-functioning labour market. Most of the workers have no choice but to take employment that does not ensure their safety and security.

These are very important conversations to have during Africa Month.

What about TSIBA?

We on the cusp of a transition: the 4th Industrial Revolution is a phase where automation is the new normal. TSIBA’s commitment to creating an inclusive learning community that triggers social good in our continent and the world is unwavering.

We are proud of entering the new month with applications for the International Entrepreneurship Dialogue (#IED2019), delivered in partnership with Northeastern University. On the 7th of May, TSIBA is bringing its Friends in Paying it Forward closer. Our students are also getting ready for the exams and they need all the positive energy they can get!

Join in the vibe of the month and download our calendar of events here.