My Experience of TSIBA Rites of Passage


image“I am a life-changer who adds value to the lives of everyone whose path I cross through means of inspiration” Ashura Arendse, BBA3

TSIBA Rites of Passage (ROP) wilderness leadership programme marks the biggest milestone in a student’s life which in essence is one of the last steps before graduation. It’s more than just a coming of age, consolidating the study years, but of a young person coming into their true self and discovering what they intend to offer the world in all spheres of their life.

Ashura Arendse is 23 years old, currently completing her work internship at Juta and Company and has recently returned from her ROP.  She will soon begin work at Maitland Services Group as a Script- Reconciliator in financial services.


Ashura tells us that she was very excited for this endeavour as she loves to challenge herself. For me this is not just the end of my relationship with TSiBA, but the start of my independence and preparation for my upcoming marriage.

My experience in the mountains gave me time for introspection and reflection to set clear intentions on my values and future plans which are to be a wife, mother and successful career person in the workplace, and also deciding what steps are needed to make this all possible.

From my experience, leadership should be part of every curriculum starting at primary school level, not just tertiary. South Africa’s poor youth statistics show that we need more awareness of self and our place in society. Leadership can help reduce high socio- economic issues statistics such as teenage pregnancy, drugs abuse and HIV and Aids as teenagers don’t know themselves and the consequences of their actions. Leadership skills would offer protection, understanding the role one plays in the world and makes one think twice about doing something bad. If I had known what I have learned now, Iwould have made changes earlier in life !”