My experience with the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

Winston Lawrence

While this was my third postgraduate qualification, it certainly is the best in terms of content and lecturer quality.

I have many years of experience in lecturing, tutoring, coaching and facilitation in the entrepreneurial space, and through the PGDBA have been able to significantly improve all these aspects.

As an example, I have been consulting and coaching for a long time, and I am now able to offer a much more structured and effective approach, resulting in significantly improved outcomes.

Regarding the communication modules, I felt like my level of knowledge and insight was of a relatively high standard as I am a native speaker with decades of high-level financial services sector industry exposure and communication lecturing experience. But my communication has improved significantly as a result of insights provided by the lecturer and course content.

The legislative environment was covered in a very practical manner by an experienced and knowledgeable lecturer, enabling my understanding of relationships existing between the various levels of government, and grassroots application

The modules provided intensive, practical training (at a very high level) on personal and business coaching, consulting and mentoring, which resulted in my being able to understand the client and his/her business very well, enabling me to add significant value to the business.

My previous experiences of consulting with small businesses were overshadowed by the practical techniques learned. I received invaluable learnings in the attended courses which I implemented within my assigned business. The insights received enabled me to improve their company offerings and plot a way forward for their business.

While all the lecturers possessed enviable academic and industry credentials, their approaches to the individual areas of expertise enabled significant knowledge transfer.