Seen at TSIBA, where Business meets Fashion

By Clotilde Angelucci TSiBA on 08 May 2018

imageNomandla Magube is the Assistant Librarian at TSiBA and all round fashionista. In her new monthly column, Seen at TSIBA, she shares her tips on how young entrepreneurs can turn their fashion styles and items into a business statement.
In Chapter I, Nomandla recommends to focus on the role a blazer can play into your Dress to success!

“A blazer is much more than just a vessel to keep one warm; it’s a fashion statement that means business.  The blazer is the one fashion item you should own.  Besides the fact that it comes in different fabrics, colours and styles, it also accommodates everyone as it comes in various prices. There are many ways to dress a blazer up (formal) or dress it down (Smart/casual) depending on one’s fashion sense, personality or mood! Stripes, red or blue blazers are always great if you want to stand out and are not afraid of show confidence. The legendary navy, black and brown blazer is great for an investment piece, simply because you can wear it in many ways and at different occasions. “

A fashion sense is unique and don’t be scared to show your business fashion around campus…Nomandla is watching