Students snowy visit to Rosenheim University

TSiBA Students from Cape Town recently visited the University of Rosenheim in Germany to meet local students.

By Sandi Sher on 10 Jan 2018

As part of their exchange program, ten students from TSiBA University in Cape Town ​visited Rosenheim University, where they were welcomed by University President Prof. Heinrich Köster.
The exchange program is organized and carried out by the Catholic and Protestant university congregation Rosenheim under the direction of Agnes Kotouc. ​In February​ 2017​, 12 students from Rosenheim University ​visited​ T​SiBA University in Cape Town and spent a few days together with the African students on a “wild​er​ness ​experience​”, which is offered there as part of their Leadership and Self-development​ study ​course​. In addition to attending lectures, they experienced African culture ​and stayed ​among families in Cape Town. T​SiBA​ University is a university that is funded by donations and offers young ​and talented ​Africans from historically under-served communities​​ a unique opportunity to study.

Article taken from Rosenheim website & translated from German into English: