The Mandela Rhodes Charm

Thobela Mfeti
BBA Graduate 2011 – Mandela Rhodes Scholar
Mangar Research Analyst
PPS Investments

My experience as a TSIBA Business School student was about family, growth, and exposure. Even today, ten years after graduating, TSIBA continues to open doors for me. Getting on a plane and traveling abroad was something completely foreign to me, but because of the privilege of studying at TSIBA, it is now normal. I also built long-lasting friendships that carried me through my time on campus and continue to play an important role in my life ten years later. 

TSIBA ignited opportunities for me! I was invited to do my Industry Practical Project internship in the Netherlands with a private equity firm. After graduating from TSIBA,  I was awarded a Mandela Rhodes scholarship which enabled me to do my postgraduate diploma in Management, majoring in Tourism, and then my Honours in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Through TSIBA Business School, I was the first one in my family to go to a university and qualify with a degree. This would have been impossible due to my family’s financial situation. The immense academic and pastoral support I received at TSIBA, combined with my own determination and hard work, allowed me to further my studies and broaden my horizons. And because of my postgraduate qualifications, I have been able to carve out a career in the financial sector. TSIBA Business School’s curriculum is unique in that it prepares one both academically and personally. The focus on the softer side developed me as a whole person and has been valuable in the world of work. This has been a great asset in my career.