Following President Ramaphosa’s announcement of measures to control the spread of the Corona virus in South Africa, TSIBA’s Executive Committee has decided to bring the TSIBA holiday break forward. This means that Campus will be closed to students with effect from the evening of Tuesday, March 17th.  At this stage, we have set Monday 6th April as the provisional date for a full return to Campus. This will be confirmed this closer to this date, and on guidance from the relevant authorities.   

A primary objective of the campus shutdown is to limit exposure to health risks via the use of public transport, and especially to all TSIBA students, staff and contractors who are dependent on the use of this mode of travel to campus. The slightly longer break also affords TSIBA Faculty the opportunity to plan the most effective way to continue to deliver the TSIBA academic programme after this short break. Certainly, the academic programme will continue, albeit through alternative modes of delivery.
Those involved with TSIBA will be aware of the importance of this institution, and particularly to our students. We provide a host of services to our students which goes beyond the academic programme – including nutrition and social services. The temporary closure of TSIBA House will certainly impact how we support and hold our students. Notwithstanding, the health interests of all of our stakeholders are paramount at this time, and TSIBA will work to provide continued support, albeit in ways different from what has until this moment been the norm.

TSIBA Executive

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