TSIBA Journey Through the Covid-19 Pandemic: A TSIBA Guide for Health and Healing.

This “Tips for health and healing” is the final product in the TSIBA: Journey through the pandemic event.

The brainchild of TSIBA safety team, this booklet contains thoughts, COVID advice and tips, all generously shared by TSIBA students and staff as they encountered the reality of the Coronavirus for themselves. Although they have all fought a common enemy, their experiences of the virus have all been different. Some of our TSIBA family have fought frightening symptoms and even months later find themselves still inching their way to full recovery. Others have been helpless as loved ones became gravely ill or died during the pandemic, and as a tragic by-product of COVID, were forced to experience the devastation of grief in isolation. Significantly, still, others found themselves with few or no symptoms, but because of a positive diagnosis, they were compelled with their household to a long lonely period of quarantine.

Stories about the time of COVID will no doubt be told in the future with remembrances of fear and anxiety. But, after this Journey through the pandemic event, perhaps those who know TSIBA will tell other stories. Stories of challenges faced and overcame; students and academics pushed through new learning frontiers to fulfil their academic programme of resilient young people, who rose in creativity, entrepreneurship and community leadership. This will be the testament story of the TSIBA journey through the pandemic.

This booklet is full of helpful effective tips and each page contains links for you to further explore a host of useful material

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