TSIBA Woodstock’s Street Art Walk – An AHA! Experience

TSIBA Woodstock Street Art Walkers

Vibrant, colourful and evocative, is how street and installation art tells the stories of Woodstock’s urban soul.

Like the thousands of years that art captured our imaginations, expressed our yearnings, vented our outrage and released our creative spirits, the TSIBA Woodstock Street Art Walk in collaboration with Juma Art Tours, aims to achieve these and more.  

With its campus in Woodstock, Cape Town, TSIBA Business School, an accredited higher education institute, created the AHA! (Art for Healing and Affirmation) initiative in 2020. This provided a ‘safety valve’ for students witnessing the ravages of covid and social dysfunction under lockdown, to write, blog or use any creative medium to release feelings of anxiety. However, in line with TSIBA’s purpose of advancing personal transformation, AHA! also nurtured deeper ways of seeing, feeling and sensing the world.

Covid-19 lockdown has significantly impacted the arts resulting in theatres closing and many artists unemployed. TSIBA AHA! sought to mitigate this through hosting a webinar on entrepreneurship for artists, as well as initiating a crowdfunding campaign for the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra Youth Development Project. 

AHA! has now further evolved into a medium for social commentary. In collaboration with Juma Art Tours, TSIBA established the TSIBA Woodstock Street Art Walk. Besides showcasing the creative nous of local and international street artists,  the TSIBA Woodstock Street Art Walk has also provided opportunity to ‘unmask’ the feelings and ‘unmute’ the voices of a community being assailed by the forces of gentrification in their neighbourhood. 

The TSIBA Woodstock Street Art Walk is a safe, 90minute visual art feast led by community-based accredited tour guides. Walks will be on the 1st Saturday of each month (weather permitting). Walks depart from TSIBA House where safe parking is available. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.  

For further information, contact Ms Nicole LeRoux at: executive.pa@tsiba.ac.za  

Booking can be done through the email info@tsiba.ac.za